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Dan Frigo­lette is a stand up co­me­dian and ac­tor who has been seen on Bob and Tom Show, HBO’s Board­walk Em­pire, Show Me A Hero, Younger, Sexy Beasts, Elim­iDate, The Fol­low­ing, Wendy Williams Show and the Ar­tie Lange Show.

He is the ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer of The Apart­mentship with An­drew Schulz, Stone­henge Oh Yeah with James Manzello, The Hobo­ken Com­edy Fes­ti­val, NJFun­nyfest, Make Me Laugh Com­edy Con­test, Com­edy’s Best Kept Se­cret Tour and Porn Stars Are Peo­ple Pod­cast.

Gian­marco Soresi is a stand-up co­me­dian, ac­tor and writer. He re­cently head­lined Caro­lines on Broad­way as part of their Break­out Artist Com­edy Se­ries, was fea­tured on SeeSo’s New York’s Fun­ni­est, and his hour spe­cial In­fi­nite Bris is due for re­lease later this year. He can be seen on Tracy Mor­gan’s new TBS show The Last O.G., CBS’ Blue Bloods, ABC’s De­cep­tion, TruTV’s Hack My Life, Com­edy Cen­tral and more.

His sketch se­ries Matza Pizza got one of his sketches pro­duced by Funny or Die, his play, Less Than 50%, will re­ceive an Off-Broad­way run this sum­mer at 59E59 and he writes for Spoiled NYC.

The Com­edy’s Best Kept Se­cret Tour also wel­comes co­me­dian Zach Petro­vich, who re­cently won the Hobo­ken Com­edy Fes­ti­val, and Al­bany-born co­me­dian Meghan Pate­naude, who’s been fea­tured in the Turn­pike Com­edy Fes­ti­val.

Event­go­ers can see this team of com­edy mas­ter­minds at the Al­bany Fun­ny­bone on the Com­edy’s Best Kept Se­cret Tour at 7:30 p.m. on Wed­nes­day Nov. 27 at Al­bany Funny Bone at Cross­gates Mall. Tick­ets are $10 each.

1. You’re from Sch­enec­tady. How does be­ing from this area im­pact your com­edy?

Dan: “What’s weird is, the more I travel the world, the more I re­al­ize there is a Sch­enec­tady ev­ery­where. Ev­ery­where you go peo­ple pre­tend their town is the coolest and then come up with weird fake stereo­types for the next town over. I was raised in Bald­winsville, out­side of Syra­cuse, and we used to make fun of Solvay NY, pre­tend­ing that peo­ple from Solvay “eat cats.”

“My fa­vorite part of Up­state New York is that you can just blame Utica for any prob­lems you have, i.e. ‘I just got di­vorced, but it’s okay ... she was from Utica!’ Works ev­ery time.”

2. Thanks­giv­ing is about fam­ily, how does your her­itage play into day to day?

Meghan: “Peo­ple rarely think I’m Amer­i­can, be­cause of my eye­brows, truth­fully I’m half Ital­ian and half French, but I just tell peo­ple I’m Ital­ian be­cause the French are such snobs, that even the French side of me hates me for not be­ing com­pletely French.”

3. What mem­o­ries do you have of the hol­i­days from child­hood?

Zach: “I’m from Philadel­phia, so stereo­types are huge, es­pe­cially for gay peo­ple, like peo­ple would say, ‘He’s gay, oh he must watch The View,’ or ‘He’s gay, I bet he’s a tap dancer. He def­i­nitely likes mu­si­cals,’ but my fa­ther is gay, so my stereo­types for gay peo­ple were al­ways very spe­cific, like I al­ways thought, ‘Gay peo­ple are re­ally good at trim­ming the turkey, or gay dudes are amaz­ing at ty­ing my shoes.’”

4. Be­ing Ital­ian must be a big part of your life, es­pe­cially with such a beau­ti­ful name, do peo­ple of­ten ask about your back­ground?

Gian­marco: “Yeah, funny enough I re­cently had to in­tro­duce my par­ents to a woman I was dat­ing, and Ital­ians do a lot of hug­ging and we kiss each other good­bye and stuff, and my girl­friend, who’s not Ital­ian, she saw my dad and I kiss and was like ‘Ew, do you kiss your dad in pub­lic?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, you know what would be weird? If I only kissed him in pri­vate.’”

5. You’re an ac­tor (We’ve seen you in the GE com­mer­cials) and a co­me­dian, how do you bal­ance and pre­pare for both skills?

Gian­marco: “Well ac­tu­ally, I’m what they re­fer to in “the biz” as a triple threat: I can act, I can sing, and, I’m an­noy­ing. I re­cently had my net­work act­ing de­but on CSI, I played Ice T’s waiter, so to pre­pare for the role, I ac­tu­ally be­came a waiter, for 12 years.”


Co­me­dian Zach Petro­vich re­cently won the Hobo­ken Com­edy Fes­ti­val.


Co­me­dian Dan Frigo­lette per­forms for an au­di­ence.


Co­me­dian Gian­marco Soresi per­forms on stage.

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