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DEAR READ­ERS >> To­day’s SOUND OFF is about in­ter­fer­ing with how kids are raised:

“Dear Heloise: My in-laws are nice peo­ple, but they are, at times, overindul­gent with gifts for our two boys. I’ve spo­ken to them about this, but they still spend too much. I even sug­gested that in­stead of so many ‘things,’ they put money into a col­lege fund to help the boys later on. My fa­ther-in-law said he was plan­ning on giv­ing my son a car for his 16th birth­day! These are my chil­dren, and I won’t have my in-laws in­ter­fer­ing with how I raise them.

“I want my boys to learn to bud­get money. I’ll in­sist they get a sum­mer job at 16 so they know how hard peo­ple work to make a liv­ing. They need to un­der­stand that $50 may seem like a lot of money, but it doesn’t go far. In other words, I want them to grow up to be fi­nan­cially re­spon­si­ble adults, and they can’t do that if my in-laws give them ev­ery­thing they point to.”

— Tina in South Carolina

DEAR TINA >> Tina, sounds like you are on the right track. Fam­ily mem­bers mean well, but a par­ent is still in charge of how the chil­dren should be raised. It’s never too early to teach them to han­dle money wisely.

DEAR READ­ERS >> Here are some unique uses for alu­minum foil:

• Place a small sheet of foil un­der a nap­kin in a bread bas­ket to keep din­ner rolls warm.

• Wrap steel wool soap pads in foil and store in the freezer to pre­vent them from rust­ing.

• Cover edges of a pie crust with foil to keep it from burn­ing.

DEAR HELOISE >> My garbage dis­posal stinks. How do I re­move odors from there?

— Mike W., Stur­gis, S.D.

DEAR MIKE W. >> Mike, mix 1/2 cup white vine­gar with enough wa­ter to fill an ice cube tray, then freeze it. When the vine­gar cubes are hard, re­move them and put them in the garbage dis­posal, then turn it on. This will freshen and clean the dis­posal and the blades.

DEAR HELOISE >> I have a white porce­lain sink that’s stained. I scrub, but I can’t get it clean. How can I whiten my sink?

— Loretta N., Med­ford, Mass.

DEAR LORETTA N. >> Loretta, fill your sink with just enough bleach to cover the bot­tom, and fill the rest of the sink with cold wa­ter and let it soak for at least half an hour. How­ever, do not use this on col­ored sinks, as it might cause dam­age to the sink’s color. To clean col­ored sinks, use a mild liq­uid de­ter­gent or bak­ing soda and vine­gar.

DEAR HELOISE >> I have five lamp­shades that have ac­cor­dion pleats. They’re dusty, and I can’t get the dust out. Help!

— Rhonda Y., Dime Box, Texas

DEAR RHONDA Y. >> Rhonda, take your lamp­shades out­side. Us­ing a clean paint­brush, brush down­ward in the val­leys. Af­ter that, take them in­side and vac­uum the lamp­shades with the brush at­tach­ment.

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