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Sim­ple Satur­day

The Saratogian (Saratoga, NY) - - CLASSIFIED - By FRANK STE­WART

“Sim­ple Satur­day” col­umns are meant to help aspir­ing play­ers im­prove tech­nique and de­velop log­i­cal think­ing.

Many pairs would ar­rive at today’s four hearts with North as de­clarer af­ter a “trans­fer” re­sponse by South. West leads the five of di­a­monds, and you take dummy’s ace.

Count win­ners: You have six trumps plus three side aces. For one more, you might try two fi­nesses in spades, but a better plan is to use dummy’s clubs.


You can score the fifth club, but you need three dummy en­tries: two to ruff clubs, one to take the good fifth club. The A-J of hearts and ace of clubs will be en­tries, but you can’t draw trumps, and you must save the ace of clubs un­til you are ready to start ruff­ing.

At Trick Two, lead a low club from dummy. West wins, cashes the king of di­a­monds and leads a trump. Win in your hand, take the ace of clubs, ruff a club high, lead a trump to dummy and ruff a club high. Then you can draw the miss­ing trump and pitch a loser on the good club.


You hold: K Q 3842 K 10853 K 10. Your part­ner opens one club, you re­spond one

di­a­mond and he bids one heart. What do you say?

AN­SWER: You have enough strength to in­vite game. Since 3NT is the most likely game, jump to 2NT. Part­ner should treat that bid as in­vi­ta­tional. If your hand were stronger — if your spades were A-K-3 — you could bid 3NT. I will ad­mit that your lack of aces is a neg­a­tive fea­ture; a timid sec­ond bid of 1NT might be right. North dealer N-S vul­ner­a­ble

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