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The Sentinel-Record - HER - Hot Springs - - IN THIS ISSUE - Hey Sandy!

I look for­ward to your de­sign ad­vice each month be­cause it is so var­ied. You seem happy to an­swer all types of ques­tions and you are com­fort­able with all styles and price points.

My de­sign dilemma is maybe a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from most but I know my friends have the same is­sues as the one I am pre­sent­ing to you to­day.

I am new in the work force hav­ing re­cently grad­u­ated and have lim­ited funds so, like most peo­ple, I need my fur­nish­ings to multi-task.

When at home, I prac­ti­cally live on my small sofa in front of the TV. This is where I work and even eat my meals. Right now I have a small coffee ta­ble but it is not com­fort­able for work or din­ing so I use a TV tray. I want to get away from the trays.

What would be a so­lu­tion for my sit­u­a­tion? By the way, I am mod­ern in style with an old fash­ioned ac­cents style.


Dear Lilly,

You would be sur­prised to see just how many of us tend to eat and work in front if the TV.

We are a por­ta­ble so­ci­ety and the de­sign world has re­ally come to the res­cue to solve multi-task­ing is­sues.

At Mar­ket I saw so many fur­ni­ture lines that were ded­i­cated to this due to peo­ple liv­ing in close quar­ters. I saw all kinds of ta­bles that went from 12-inch depth to ex­tend­ing out to seat six peo­ple. This new field is called con­vert­ible or trans­form­ing fur­nish­ings.

In your case I sug­gest this mod­ern, clean-lined, cock­tail ot­toman that mag­i­cally trans­forms into a din­ing/work top space by sim­ply open­ing it up.

You can change the cover from leathers to fab fab­rics and it will fit into any style room. I have sev sev­eral clients that have taken my ad­vice and pu pur­chased th­ese ot­tomans, and they say they ne never want to be with­out them.

When you get ready to tackle this is­sue in ot other rooms of your home, just stop by and I will show you a whole ar­ray of func­tional fur­nish­ings.

You men­tioned you like an old fash­ioned twist, so here is my fa­vorite pickle recipe for this time of the year when we are buried in f fresh cu­cum­bers. En­joy the snack­ing!

At top, a fur­ni­ture setup at Arkansas Fur­ni­ture demon­strates a mod­ern look with con­vert­ible fur­nish­ings.

Sandy Sut­ton

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