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Get­ting to the root of most weight loss strug­gles, Hot Springs Health and Fit­ness is teach­ing peo­ple how they can take their lives back by tak­ing their kitchens back.

“Un­less peo­ple get their kitchen un­der con­trol and the food they in­take, then all the work­ing out is not go­ing to be that help­ful as far as weight loss. It is good to work out re­gard­less, but if they are re­ally try­ing to get the weight off we have to get the kitchen un­der con­trol first,” said Su­san Bean, owner of Hot Springs Health and Fit­ness.

Through clean eat­ing, 20/30 Fast Track helps clients lose 20 pounds in 30 days. The na­tion­wide pro­gram has been in ex­is­tence for a few years and Bean said it has been ap­proved by lo­cal physi­cians.

“We have been ap­proached by a va­ri­ety of peo­ple try­ing to push other weight loss pro­grams prior to this. We wanted to wait for one that was sound, had real food and was not a prod­uct-driven busi­ness,” Bean said.

With so many prod­uct- driven weight loss pro­grams, Bean says 20/30 Fast Track does not re­quire clients to pur­chase any prod­ucts and fo­cuses on clean eat­ing.

“We’ll give you ev­ery­thing you need for the first 30 days. Af­ter that, if you don’t want to buy one prod­uct, you don’t have to. That is a plus for a lot of peo­ple be­cause they’re tired of prod­uct-driven busi­nesses,” Bean said.

Dur­ing the first 30 days, clients are fo­cused on re­mov­ing pro­cessed foods from their diet and in­take food that has the high­est nu­tri­tion with the low­est calo­ries: pro­teins, fruit and veg­eta­bles.

“Some of the other diet pro­grams

re­volve around prepack­aged foods which, again, is pro­cessed food. It’s not real food. Once they get off of that, they don’t know how to go out, shop and cook for them­selves,” HSHF Health & Well­ness coach Kelly Dry­den said.

The 20/30 Fast Track pro­gram al­lows clients to eat at restau­rants, and recipes in the cook­book help clients make meals for their fam­i­lies. Af­ter detox­ing for the first 30 days, clients who choose to con­tinue the pro­gram slowly rein­tro­duce new foods, learn­ing what foods work for their bod­ies and which ones don’t.

“You can’t lis­ten to your body if you are eat­ing a bunch of junk food. The ones that make it through the 30 days, which is most of them, 85 per­cent, go on to the next part,” Dry­den said.

HSHF of­fers free sem­i­nars on Mon­days about the pro­gram and clients also have a check-in and sup­port group each week. Dry­den works with clients on their meal plan us­ing a sci­en­tific formula to find out what foods are best for their bod­ies and helps fig­ure out their eat­ing trig­gers and habits. She also con­tacts them daily to check on them and sup­port them throughout the process.

“It is more im­por­tant to pay at­ten­tion to how you feel when you eat some­thing ver­sus pay­ing at­ten­tion to the scale. If you are eat­ing right for your body then the weight will come off. The whole point is to get off of the med­i­ca­tion, feel­ing bet­ter and turn­ing it into a life­style and not a diet. That is one of the things that we say at the be­gin­ning, ‘If you are try­ing to buy into a 30-day diet, we don’t want you,’” Dry­den said.

For those fear­ful of the gym, the pro­gram does not re­quire hours of stren­u­ous ex­er­cise. Rather, it pro­motes gen­tle move­ment such as walk­ing. Af­ter shed­ding the pounds, HSHF of­fers clients the op­por­tu­nity to take part in classes, per­sonal train­ing and in­door and out­door ac­tiv­i­ties.

“One as­pect that we have seen is that it has re­stored peo­ple’s joy in work­ing out be­cause many times peo­ple come to work­out al­most as a form of pun­ish­ment,” Bean said.

“Peo­ple who were ter­ri­fied be­fore to come into the gym are now our gym rats,” Dry­den said.

The 20/30 Fast Track pro­gram is launch­ing a na­tion­wide pro­gram for busi­nesses to help their em­ploy­ees re­duce stress and bal­ance hor­mones. For more in­for­ma­tion about 20/30 Fast Track, call 501-5258446 or visit Hot Springs Health and Fit­ness, 281 Lake Hamil­ton Drive.

“It is trust­wor­thy, cred­i­ble. It’s a plan you can trust. Lo­cal physi­cians have given it the stamp of ap­proval. When they see our clients get­ting off of blood pres­sure medicine, re­duc­ing med­i­ca­tions in other ar­eas, los­ing the weight, blood sugar for di­a­bet­ics sta­bi­liz­ing. … They are all for it,” Bean said.

Kelly Dry­den, health and well­ness coach, left, sits with O0/30 clients Mindy Zacarias and Ch­eryl White.

Mindy Zacarias, left, Kelly Dry­den, Su­san Bean, Mon­ica O’Bri­ant, Sally Carder and Ch­eryl White are all part of the O0/30 Fast Track pro­gram.

Be­fore and af­ter pho­tos of Mon­ica O’Bri­ant, who is down 40 pounds and off of med­i­ca­tion us­ing the 20/30 Fast Track pro­gram at Hot Springs Health and Fit­ness.

Kelly ary­den, health and well­ness coach, left, and Su­san Bean, owner of Hot Springs Health and Fit­ness, stand next to the 2M/3M Fast Track pro­gram sign.

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