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The Sentinel-Record - HER - Hot Springs - - Contents - By Lind­sey Wells

It’s spring­time. The birds are chirp­ing, hi­ber­nat­ing crea­tures have stirred from their slum­bers, and trees, bushes and flow­ers are in bloom. Spring break is over, which means the end of the school year is al­most upon us.

Spring­time is also when most of us sched­ule the big­gest home clean­ing spree of the year. Af­ter a cold win­ter, there’s some­thing re­fresh­ing about giv­ing your home a thor­ough clean­ing and go­ing through your be­long­ings to de­cide what to keep and what to toss, or do­nate.

One of the big­gest ob­sta­cles that home­own­ers tackle dur­ing spring clean­ing is clut­ter, and what bet­ter way to fight clut­ter than by us­ing qual­ity prod­ucts man­u­fac­tured lo­cally?

Al­liance Rub­ber Co. is a nearly cen­tury- old, fam­ily owned busi­ness that fea­tures more than 2,000 dif­fer­ent prod­ucts. Make spring clean­ing a snap with rub­ber bands from Al­liance in these sim­ple and ef­fec­tive ways:

• Get rid of the dust and cob­webs that have ac­cu­mu­lated on the tops of ceil­ing fans and in those hardto-reach cor­ners. All you need is a broom, a few pa­per tow­els and an Al­liance Ad­van­tage Rub­ber Band. Wrap a pa­per towel around the broom and bind it with the rub­ber band. That way, you won’t have to drag out a lad­der or find an NBA player to reach those trou­ble spots.

• The more you use a broom, the more the bris­tles loosen. Rather than hav­ing to pur­chase a new broom, just place some Al­liance Ad­van­tage Rub­ber Bands around the mid­dle of the bris­tles. This will help keep the bris­tles to­gether and make clean­ing the floor eas­ier and more ef­fec­tive.

• Upon open­ing most clos­ets you’ll find clothes that have slipped off their hang­ers and fallen to the floor. To pro­tect your clothes, and keep the closet clean, wrap Al­liance rub­ber bands around the ends of the hang­ers to keep straps or silky ma­te­rial from slip­ping. This is also much more cost-ef­fec­tive than ex­pen­sive rub­ber grips. Though any Al­liance band will work, their Brites col­lec­tion has many dif­fer­ent sizes and col­ors to choose from to brighten up your hang­ers.

• Al­liance Brites bands can also be used as a quick tag­ging sys­tem for vir­tu­ally any item. Use them to sort old bat­ter­ies, pens, re­motes, tooth brushes, etc.

• Still haven’t got­ten around to stor­ing all the Christ­mas lights in the at­tic? Or do you have cords, strands of rope or hoses ly­ing around that need to be or­ga­nized? Use Al­liance Gear Wrapz to eas­ily bun­dle items and keep your garage or at­tic clean.

• Use rub­ber bands to sort TV or com­puter wires. Color code the bands to help iden­tify the dif­fer­ent wires.

• Make a mail stor­age sys­tem with a ham­mer, nails and rub­ber bands. Ham­mer two par­al­lel rows of nails in the side of a cab­i­net or on the back of a door and stretch the rub­ber bands be­tween them to hold mail or other doc­u­ments.

• While of­ten used for in­dus­trial or com­mer­cial pur­poses, Al­liance Su­per­size Bands can be used for a num­ber of house­hold tasks, such as to help keep items se­cure while mov­ing, as they can be used to hold down those pesky flaps on car­tons or boxes, or to bun­dle to­gether car­pets and mats. These bands are re­us­able and more eco­nom­i­cal than us­ing twine and strap.

• In the mood for a new paint color in your home or of­fice? Use a rub­ber band as a paint­brush scrap--

Use rub­ber bands to keep the bris­tles to­gether on a worn out broom, to hold down flaps on boxes or car­tons, or to se­cure bags on garbage cans.

Al­liance rub­ber bands can be used to sort of­fice sup­plies or chil­dren’s art sup­plies.

Eas­ily bun­dle cords or wires to­gether us­ing rub­ber bands.

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