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N ancy Acre pur­chased her first Corvette 10 years ago and has been a Corvette owner ever since. Shortly af­ter their first Corvette pur­chase, she and her hus­band joined the Cen­tral Arkansas Corvette Club, for which she now serves as pres­i­dent. This year’s Cen­tral Arkansas Corvette Club Show for Char­ity is sched­uled for April 20-22 at the Hot Springs Con­ven­tion Cen­ter. Last year’s show brought more than 200 Corvettes into the arena, and Nancy said they ex­pect it to be that big or big­ger this year. The club has around 350 mem­bers.

How did you be­come pres­i­dent of the Corvette club?

Nancy Acre: Well, we joined the club about 10 years ago I guess, when we got our first Corvette, and we were very in­volved in every­thing and there just came a time when I was en­cour­aged by a lot of the mem­bers to run, and I did, and I got it. I have a lot of back­ground in manag­ing peo­ple; I was a school ad­min­is­tra­tor for 40 years, so I fig­ured I could man­age the peo­ple and help them get things done. It took me a long time to fig­ure out and learn all the dif­fer­ent as­pects of the club, es­pe­cially the show. Our main goal ev­ery year is to put on the big show in Hot Springs. There are a lot of facets to that, and I tried to do every­thing, work the show, work the dif­fer­ent spots in the show to fig­ure out every­thing that was go­ing on be­fore I ran for pres­i­dent. What school were you the ad­min­is­tra­tor at?

NA: I spent about 20 years in Lit­tle Rock School District and be­fore that I spent 13 years in St. Louis. There were a cou­ple other lit­tle things in there; I didn’t stay in one place all the time. But, ba­si­cally, my ca­reer is

about 40 years. What made you get into Corvettes 10 years ago?

NA: I had al­ways driven a sports car of one kind or an­other and, ac­tu­ally, it was my birth­day and so I told my hus­band I wanted to trade my car for a Corvette, and I knew the one I wanted and so I looked around for a long time and it just popped up in the pa­per one day and we went and bought it. His ques­tion to me was, ‘Do you re­ally want a Corvette or do you just want an­other sports car?’ and I said, ‘I re­ally want a Corvette,’ so we got one. Do you still have that same Corvette? NA: No, about five years later we traded, and then about five years af­ter that, we have a new one now. We have a 2017 Z06, which is the fastest one. What char­ity does Corvette week­end ben­e­fit? NA: We have two ma­jor char­i­ties, Spina Bi­fida (Sup­port Group of Arkansas) and Be­yond Bound­aries. We also do other char­i­ties when we have the money. Last year we gave the Ron­ald McDon­ald House $ 30,000. Dif­fer­ent years, depend­ing on how much money the show brings in, we

give that back to char­i­ties. We have a char­ity in Hot Springs, Ali’s An­gels, we gave them some money last year and there’s an­other one called the Freedom Fund, which ben­e­fits vet­er­ans. It’s kind of dif­fer­ent each year; when peo­ple bring things to us, we just kind of pick out who we can give how much to. We’re a non­profit club so we do­nate a lot of our money to char­ity, or the IRS. Do club mem­bers par­tic­i­pate in other

ac­tiv­i­ties be­sides the Hot Springs Corvette week­end?

NA: We do a lot of fun things. We go to other shows and we take our cars out on what we call ‘ runs.’ We’ve got an email sys­tem where we can con­tact ev­ery mem­ber and we’ll say, ‘this Satur­day we’re plan­ning a run,’ or some­thing, and we get out and drive our cars up in the hills and have fun with them, stop and eat lunch some­where and then come back home. That’s what our cars are for — to get out and drive — and we do that fre­quently, just about ev­ery week­end. Last week­end we went to Star City, down to the vil­lage down there. It has a nice eat­ing place in a lit­tle vil­lage and shops; we had 35 cars and about 80 peo­ple that went on that run. We’ve al­ways got things for peo­ple to do. Does the club ac­cept new mem­bers? NA: Oh, yes — the only re­quire­ment is that you have a Corvette. We have new mem­bers com­ing in all the time. They’ll buy their first Corvettes or they’ll move into town and look for a Corvette club if they al­ready have a Corvette. We have a meet­ing once a month at Whole Hog in down­town Lit­tle Rock and we have about 100 peo­ple that show up for a meet­ing ev­ery month, and we have new mem­bers that show up ev­ery month. So it’s con­stant turnover, peo­ple com­ing in and out of the club based on their lives.

Nancy Acre stands next to her 2017 Z06 Corvette. Op­po­site page: Corvette show at the Hot Springs Con­ven­tion Cen­ter dur­ing Corvette Week­end, hosted by the Cen­tral Arkansas Corvette Club.

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