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Af­ter a w ater leak occu rred at a lo­cal hom e, the hom eow ners got in tou ch w ith The Floor Store to re­pair the dam ag e,plu s u pdate other featu res in the hou se. T he hardw ood floor­ing and ex­ist­ing tile in the k itchen and su nroom w ere m ade over and the fire­place w as rem olded. The cou nter­tops in the k itchen w ere also m ade over. K eep­ing w ith the requ ests of the hom eow ners, the space w as to have “u npre­ten­tiou s yet en­joy­able color,w ith open space as m u ch as pos­si­ble,and a natu ralflow throu g h the k itchen and su nroom .” T he stone tile and qu artz cou nter­tops pu lled the col­ors and stru ctu re of the k itchen and ad­join­ing su nroom tog ether, as the hom eow ners w an­ted the de­sign of the k itchen and su nroom to be m ore u ni­fied and harm oniou s.The beau ty of the ex­ist­ing cab­i­netry and col­ors com bined w ith the new chang es m ak e the space m ore w arm and pleas­ing. The hom eow ners said The Floor Store staff w as con­sciou s abou t de­tail and fin­ish­ing tou ches and han­dled pric­ing and com m u nica­tion in a pro­fes­sion­alm an­ner. The hom eow ners’ hob­bies in­clu de hik ing and be­ing on the lak e, w atch­ing the R azor­back s, and spend­ing tim e w ith friends and fam ily.



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