Skin Re­ju­ve­na­tion with Frac­tional Laser

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Frac­tional lasers are one of the best non-sur­gi­cal nat­u­ral skin re­ju­ve­na­tion treat­ments. By def­i­ni­tion frac­tional treats a frac­tion of the skin while leav­ing healthy skin around the treated area to im­prove heal­ing. There are two types of frac­tional lasers 1} CO2 and 2}er­bium. The CO2 laser pen­e­trates deeper and in­creases col­la­gen more than the er­bium (Fraxel) laser. It pro­vides bet­ter re­sults for deeper wrin­kles, acne scars, up­per lip lines, and skin crepey­ness.

The frac­tional CO2 laser takes the CO2 laser beam and pixel­lates that beam into thou­sands of tiny lit­tle shafts of light. These tiny shafts of light pen­e­trate into the deeper lay­ers of the skin. The skin then re­pairs those tiny shafts by push­ing out the old skin and re­plac­ing it with new skin. This also tight­ens col­la­gen.

CO2 Frac­tional lasers ex­cel at treat­ing deeper wrin­kles, more se­vere tex­tu­ral changes from sun dam­age, blotch­i­ness, acne scars, and sur­gi­cal or trau­matic scars. They also can be used on the del­i­cate eye­lid skin and around the mouth. It is also a very ef­fec­tive treat­ment for sun dam­age. It does not take care of red­ness. For prob­lems with red and veins, a med­i­cal grade IPL or pulsed dye laser is more ef­fec­tive.

Laser treat­ments are cus­tom­ized to meet the goals of the pa­tient. Treat­ments can be deeper, with more heal­ing and down­time, or shal­lower, with less heal­ing time. Gen­er­ally the deeper the treat­ment, the bet­ter the re­sults. Some re­sults are im­me­di­ate but full re­sults evolve in about 3 months. How long the re­sults last de­pend on your life­style. If you ap­ply sun­screen and wear brimmed hats, you can main­tain the good ef­fects of your CO2 laser treat­ment for sev­eral years.

First, find a rep­utable cos­metic der­ma­tol­o­gist or sur­geon. CO2 lasers are only sold to MDs or med­i­cal spas un­der the su­per­vi­sion of a doc­tor. Good equip­ment in in­com­pe­tent hands will not help you! To de­ter­mine whether laser is your best choice, go for a con­sul­ta­tion and lis­ten to the sur­geon’s rec­om­men­da­tions. Choos­ing a med­i­cal clinic with ex­pe­ri­ence in lasers is your best way to avoid any com­pli­ca­tions.

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