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- Story and photograph­y by Grace Brown

From the very first moment her small hands gripped tightly around the curve of a crayon, Hot Springs High School student artist Rachel Tyler worked toward becoming a full-fledged artist. Although she is only a junior at Hot Springs High School, Tyler already has a stack of award-winning works in her portfolio. After some coaxing from her family and art teacher, Tyler decided to start showing off her talent a bit more, and it definitely paid off.

“I’ve pretty much always been interested in art. There hasn’t been a time when I wasn’t making art; I’ve been doing it for years,” she said.

As a child, Tyler said she consistent­ly had some type of mark-making tool in her hand. Over the years, her parents and art teachers recognized her exceptiona­l talents and pushed her to pursue the craft further. Eventually, she began experiment­ing with different techniques and mediums to learn more about the areas she excels and where she needs to improve.

“I just enjoy all aspects of art. I like the ability to create your own thing, especially portraits. You can add a lot of expression to the piece,” she said.

Because she is still a student with several years ahead of her to experiment with all the different aspects of art, Tyler soaks in the opportunit­y to learn anything and everything she can. Most recently, she has begun experiment­ing with ceramics, oils paints, and conceptual­ism throughout her work. Her favorite mediums are currently colored pencils for works she wishes to spend a lot of time on and watercolor­s for the quicker projects.

“I’m kind of a perfection­ist so I take a while on each piece. I’ll sit down with something for hours and revisit it a few times for several weeks,” she said.

“Sometimes I find art therapeuti­c but other times it is the exact opposite because I’m such a perfection­ist. I have to have everything exactly

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