His­tory re­peats it­self

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Dear ed­i­tor:

Re­gard­ing the let­ter of dear ed­i­tor en­ti­tled “Trump doesn’t get it”: nei­ther do most peo­ple blam­ing Trump for it. When we for­get his­tory we are doomed to re­peat it. The Bi­ble is the best his­tory book in the world. It’s the most ac­cu­rate and doesn’t change.

Read the prophets when God sent them to warn God’s peo­ple. Judg­ment would come if the peo­ple didn’t re­pent of their greed, cor­rup­tion and turn­ing away from God’s laws. Isa. 1:3; The ox knoweth his owner and the ass his mas­ter’s crib, but Is­rael doth not know, my peo­ple doth not con­sider. Isa. 1:7; Your coun­try is des­o­late, your cities are burned with fire; your strangers de­vour it in your pres­ence, and it is des­o­late as over­thrown by strangers. Also, read verses 4-6.

There’s noth­ing we can do about it with all the money in the world. God can’t be bought. It’s all His. And sci­ence won’t solve the prob­lem un­less they turn to God and get the peo­ple to re­pent and turn.

The prophets tried to get the peo­ple to turn but they re­jected the prophets and even killed some of them and said to tell us some­thing good; we don’t like the bad things. God said he was in control of the plagues, the drought, the fire, the seas, the wind.

God called Ezekiel to give warn­ing to the peo­ple and if he re­fused, their blood would be re­quired at his hands and if they wouldn’t re­pent their blood would be on their own heads. Man hasn’t changed.

Amos 5:6; God will break out like fire and there be none to quench it. (droughts, fire) Amos 4:8; He called for the wa­ters of the sea and poureth them out upon the face of the earth. l The Lord is His name. (tsunamis, floods, hur­ri­canes) Seek the Lord and you shall live. But since many don’t be­lieve in God, they won’t be­lieve in His laws and reg­u­la­tions. So face His judg­ment and don’t com­plain be­cause you were warned.

The rea­son for the judg­ments is be­cause of the wicked­ness of man, not burn­ing fos­sil fu­els. It is greed, cor­rup­tion, im­moral­ity, dis­hon­esty; If you will be mer­ci­ful, God will have mercy on you.

The king­dom is promised to those who will be will­ing to suf­fer for the cause of Christ. Let’s quit play­ing church and get con­verted and strengthen the brethren, and pro­claim the truth of his word. Spend­ing more money to stop fires, floods, drought, storms, will not stop God’s judg­ment. Peo­ple get­ting their hearts right with God will. His­tory re­peats it­self. Clyde Edds, minister Jessieville

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