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Dear ed­i­tor:

Well, it didn’t take long for Twid­dle Dee and Dum to chime in. Dum couldn’t fig­ure out how I knew who John was Rag N on. I don’t know maybe it was all the seething rage that came through loud and clear, maybe it was the shot he took at Chris­tians which he likes to do from time to time in his other let­ters. All I know is one needn’t be a Mensa mem­ber to fig­ure it out.

About 50 years ago the Democrats fig­ured some­thing out. The peo­ple they had stood in the way of for a hun­dred years, now with the civil rights acts, were go­ing to vote. They knew they bet­ter change tac­tics so they went low. For the next 40 years, they sliced us and diced us into groups and then pit­ted us against each other. Is it any won­der we’ve been at each other’s throats? What we see to­day is the prod­uct of the past 40 years of their po­lit­i­cal ploys. Who does it re­ally ben­e­fit, not you or me but Demo­crat politi­cians in the swamp?

Stop and look for a minute at the com­mu­ni­ties they’ve run or maybe I should say run into the ground for the past 40-50 years. Mostly in­hab­ited by the peo­ple they sup­pos­edly care for. For the most part, these places 50 years ago were in bet­ter shape. I re­mem­ber an ar­ti­cle that ran in this pa­per a few years ago that pointed out how in many cities in the wake of MLK’s death changed the names of streets that had mostly mi­nor­ity-owned busi­nesses to MLK St. These were once pros­per­ous places, then the Democrats came to town and said, hook your wagon to our train, as the ar­ti­cle pointed out, it’s been down­hill ever since. If you go around this coun­try from city to city what do you find now, poverty, crime, and a new phe­nom­e­non cre­ated by their poli­cies, food deserts?

I want peo­ple, the av­er­age Joe and Jane, to pros­per and they don’t do that un­der Democrats. I men­tion this be­cause I just watched Trump sign the new trade deals with the Lead­ers of Mex­ico and Canada. In the early ’90s, a rich guy named Perot said: “That suck­ing sound you hear is jobs leav­ing the coun­try.” Clin­ton signed NAFTA, they left. The Democrats used to be or at least said they were the party of the work­ing class, an­other suck­ing sound you’ve been hear­ing is them suck­ing up to the Elites, more money in it for them. Trump took ad­van­tage of their aban­don­ment of the work­ing peo­ple lead­ing to his vic­tory and the swamp hates him for it. Obama said those jobs were lost for­ever and they were if no­body ever tried to get them back. It won’t be per­fect, noth­ing ever is but we have been hear­ing a whis­per­ing sound of jobs com­ing back. The haters and the re­sisters who only lis­ten to the swamp wa­ter in the MSM will never hear it but hope­fully, the av­er­age Amer­i­can will come elec­tion time.

Larry Bauer Hot Springs Vil­lage

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