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‘Crazy town talk’


Dear editor:

I’m all for folks expressing a wide range of views. It is what makes America great. Darryl Foshee’s “Collapse is coming,” however, cries out for comment. He starts off wondering why no one mentions the “funneled elections ballots” to Biden anymore. That’s simple. To do so is crazy town talk. It didn’t happen. Certainly not in enough cases to change the fact that former President Trump lost the election by some 7 million votes. He attempted to argue otherwise in 59 court cases. Each time his claims were dismissed for lack of evidence. Let me say that again. Crazy town talk was dismissed for lack of evidence not once, not twice, but 59 times. Darryl, I know that you wish it otherwise. That’s fine, but continuing to mutter falsehoods about it won’t change a thing. Also, for the record, Disney, left-leaning or not, does not own Fox News. Murdoch still owns the company.

Next, not everyone who voted for Biden is a leftist. Apparently, that means you consider anyone who doesn’t agree with you a leftist. That’s kind of a narrow point of view, don’t you think? It is also crazy town talk to believe that a financial collapse is coming simply because Biden and Harris were elected. Again, don’t you think it might be a bit more complicate­d? A little evidence to support your view would have been helpful. Without it, your prediction appears more far-fetched than a real possibilit­y.

The same for the babbling about presidenti­al powers and nuclear warfare. Just because Hannity said it is so doesn’t mean he always knows what he is talking about. Last time I checked, he has never even served in the military. Yes, 31 House Democrats (not 30) sent Biden a letter asking him to consider a requiremen­t that others be included in the decision to use nuclear weapons. Even though it is in my view a bad idea, it is a far cry from Hannity’s rant about it neutering the president’s powers that had apparently influenced you. Rest easy. The idea doesn’t have a chance of ever becoming law.

I’m left after reading this article with its numerous glaring factual errors wondering why even considerin­g the widest interpreta­tion of free speech and the First Amendment this letter was chosen for publicatio­n. It reinforces the growing belief that evidence, and truth no longer count for much. I’m sorry, but publishing crazy town talk isn’t OK. Saying he was disappoint­ed that Trump lost the election is perfectly fine. Pointing out mistakes the Biden team makes is more than fair. Suggesting that the “communists” won the election, the end is coming and the other misinforma­tion he spouted, however, is not worthy of appearing in print. Using your disclaimer, that the views of the authors are not those of The Sentinel-Record, as a shield to print rubbish speaks volumes about the editorial quality or lack thereof at this paper. Shame on you.

Carl Ford Hot Springs Village

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