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HSCB preps for Winter Concert


HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE — The Hot Springs Concert Band is preparing for its annual Winter Concert at 3 p.m. Sunday in the Woodlands Auditorium in Hot Springs Village.

“This concert, and others this year, will feature some new music as the band strives to be creative in its presentati­on of new songs and new arrangemen­ts for our audience,” a news release said.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased through https://hotsprings­ or from a band member.

The music selection for this concert includes “Northland Pines,” “Beyond the Horizon,” “Royal Oak,” “Go Galop,” “Appalachia­n Tapestry,” “Pine River Trilogy,” “Metrix,” “American Folk Rhapsody #1,” “What’s Up at the Symphony,” and “British Eighth March.”

“This Winter Concert, as is true of others, includes music which is not often heard through many other sources and venues today. This includes some traditiona­l American folk music which many in our younger generation­s have never heard of, let alone actually heard. This is an example of the Band’s mission — to expose audiences and younger generation­s of musicians to the deep treasure trove of American music and to ensure the perpetuati­on of such music reflecting the best of our rich artistic traditions and heritage,” the release said.

The Hot Springs Concert Band will offer nine concerts this year, and while there have been some changes in venues and times from what has been typical for the band in years past, “what hasn’t changed is the band’s commitment to making quality music for you, music which provides something for just about everybody, spanning generation­s of Americans, advancing the legacy of those who gave it to us, and keeping us connected to our musical heritage,” the release said.

The Hot Springs Concert Band has been entertaini­ng audiences since 1975, and has a rich history as “one of the most active and enduring artistic institutio­ns of its type in the state.”

“Many talented musicians have come and gone in these many years, each one leaving their mark, their legacy to the betterment of the band. As was at its inception, the band is composed of a varied assortment of local musicians who were in their former lives high school band directors, college band directors, studio musicians, solo artists (local and beyond), symphony musicians, university music professors and department heads, and those who’ve played in the band as a favorite hobby or avocation.

“In addition, and especially over the past decade, the band has been very fortunate to host high school musicians who have contribute­d much to the success of the band. The one thing that all of the band’s musicians, from teenagers to seniors, have in common and what unites all of them is the noble cause of making quality music as a part of a band dedicated to the enjoyment and benefit of others,” the release said.

Visit http://www.hotsprings­ to stay informed and also to learn more about the band.

“We hope you will place the concert dates and venues on your calendar. In addition, you can become a Friend of the Band by joining our mailing list and receive updates on future concerts and other special announceme­nts,” the release said.

“The band hopes to see you at the Winter Concert on Feb. 19 at the Woodlands Auditorium and at the other concerts this year, as we continue in our 48th year of service to Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village and surroundin­g communitie­s. The band’s Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Dr. Craig Hamilton is serving in his 24th season, and as always you won’t want to miss out on the great music nor Dr. Hamilton’s marvelous conducting and delightful sense of humor,” it said.

 ?? Submitted photo ?? ■ The Hot Springs Concert Band is shown prior to its 2022 Winter Concert.
Submitted photo ■ The Hot Springs Concert Band is shown prior to its 2022 Winter Concert.

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