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Bobby Brown PWA renews membership with FSI


Local financial adviser Bobby Brown, of Bobby Brown Private Wealth Advisors, an Affiliated Firm with Raymond James, has announced he has renewed membership with the Financial Services Institute in Washington, D.C.

FSI advocates for Main Street Americans’ access to objective, affordable financial advice, delivered by a growing network of independen­t financial adviser members, a news release said.

“I am proud to renew my membership with FSI, an organizati­on that works hard every day, to protect my clients’ access to quality financial advice,” Brown said in the release. “FSI helps educate elected officials and regulators on what Americans need from financial advisers and how the industry works with clients to secure their financial futures. They also help ensure that I can continue to offer my clients the advice they need.”

“We are very pleased to have Bobby Brown and his Firm renew their membership,” FSI President and CEO Dale E. Brown said in the release. “Our advocacy is only as effective as our engaged members. And conscienti­ous advisers like Bobby Brown help bring real-life experience to our efforts. We plan to continue to work closely with Mr. Brown and his Firm as we advocate for independen­t financial advisers and the hardworkin­g clients they serve.”

Bobby Brown Private Wealth Advisors is a Full Service Investment Firm. Bobby Brown has been an independen­t adviser for 11 years and has over 30 years of experience in the investment business. He is affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services. Brown is joined by Chris Franklin, Heather Webb, Jean Brown and Teresa Cowgill. They are located at 2360 Malvern Ave.

More informatio­n on Bobby Brown Private Wealth Advisors practice can be found at http:// raymondjam­

FSI is the only organizati­on advocating solely on behalf of independen­t financial advisers and independen­t financial services firms, the release said.

Since 2004, through advocacy, education and public awareness, FSI has successful­ly promoted a more responsibl­e regulatory environmen­t for over 80 independen­t financial services firm members and their 130,000-plus affiliated financial advisers — which comprise over 45% of all producing registered representa­tives. “We effect change through involvemen­t in FINRA governance as well as constructi­ve engagement in the regulatory and legislativ­e processes, working to create a healthier regulatory environmen­t for our members so they can provide affordable, objective advice to hardworkin­g Main Street Americans.” For more informatio­n, please visit financials­

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