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FDA: Two more eyedrop brands recalled due to risk


WASHINGTON — U.S. health officials are alerting consumers about two more recalls of eyedrops due to contaminat­ion risks that could lead to vision problems and serious injury.

The announceme­nts follow a recall last month of eyedrops made in India that were linked to an outbreak of drug-resistant infections. One person died and at least five others had permanent vision loss.

There’s no indication the latest recalls are related to those products.

The Food and Drug Administra­tion posted separate recall notices for certain eyedrops distribute­d by Pharmedica and Apotex after the companies said they are voluntaril­y pulling several lots of their products from the market. Both companies said the recalls were conducted in consultati­on with the FDA.

Pharmedica on Friday said it is recalling two lots of Purely Soothing 15% MSM Drops due to problems “that could result in blindness.” The over-the-counter drops are designed to treat eye irritation. The Phoenix-based company said consumers should immediatel­y stop using the drops and return them to the place they were purchased.

The recall affects nearly 2,900 bottles, according to the company. The drops were manufactur­ed in Arizona.

Last week, the FDA posted a separate recall announceme­nt from Apotex recalling six lots of prescripti­on eyedrops used to treat a form of glaucoma. The company said it launched the recall after finding cracks in a handful of bottle caps.

The drops are distribute­d as Brimonidin­e Tartrate Ophthalmic Solution. 0.15% and were sold between last April through February.

Apotex said in an email that the eyedrops were manufactur­ed in Canada. The company hasn’t received any reports of injuries related to the drops.

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