Sound­proof­ing for a quiet home

A few ideas on how to make your home qui­eter in this new day and age of thin­ner, open liv­ing spa­ces

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Many peo­ple want their homes to be com­fort­able, re­lax­ing re­treats. While much thought will be given to lay­out and decor, the noises in and around a house also can af­fect how en­joy­able a space is or isn’t. Cer­tain of­fend­ers are driv­ing up the noise lev­els in homes. New build­ing ma­te­ri­als that are lighter than those used in the past can make it eas­ier for noise to travel be­tween rooms. In ad­di­tion, open floor plans make it easy for noise to travel from room to room, while hand­held per­sonal de­vices can make rooms noisy. Home­own­ers who want more peace and quiet in their home can take the fol­low­ing steps.

Add more dry­wall

Home­own­ers may not be able to add walls of sturdy brick to block sounds, but they can add more dry­wall in noisy rooms. Con­sider adding more dry­wall to a li­brary or read­ing nook. The home im­prove­ment re­source HomeLogic notes that dry­wall can be used to iso­late noisy rooms, such as those where kids prac­tice play­ing mu­si­cal in­stru­ments.

Beef up dense ma­te­ri­als

Heavy cur­tains, fluffy fur­ni­ture and thick car­pets can make rooms qui­eter be­cause they help ab­sorb sound waves. Such items and ma­te­ri­als also can help pre­vent echoes. Bare walls and floors will only make sounds bounce

around. Seal holes and cracks Noises from out­side can sneak around gaps in win­dows, doors and sid­ing. Mak­ing sure gaps are sealed will not only make a home more en­ergy ef­fi­cient, but also help block out some ex­te­rior noises.

Fix squeaky floors

Wood floors can shrink and ex­pand, lead­ing to move­ment and the de­vel­op­ment of squeaky ar­eas. By fix­ing squeaky floors, home­own­ers can re­duce noise cre­ated when peo­ple walk through their homes. Sound­proof­ing a home can be a rel­a­tively easy and ef­fec­tive DIY project.

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