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Biden Executes America-Last Agenda, Part 1

- John WEAVER John Weaver is a more-than-20-year resident of Santa Clarita. He carries degrees in physics and mathematic­s from Carnegie Institute of Technology (Now Carnegie Mellon University). “Right Here, Right Now” usually appears on Saturdays, and rota

Joe Biden has been quite busy piling executive order on top of executive order. The purpose, he tells us, is to correct injustices and make life better for all Americans. But do they? Examinatio­n of a few of the orders tells a different story.

Immigratio­n Orders

Biden’s immigratio­n order include cancellati­on of the so-called “Muslim ban,” and cancellati­on of policies that prevented mass migration on the southern border, including cancellati­on of the wall.

Despite media hoopla to the contrary, Trump never actually imposed a Muslim ban on immigratio­n. He did impose extra scrutiny on people wanting to enter the U.S. from countries rife with terrorism, based on the theory that importing terrorists would not be a good idea. By rescinding the ban, Biden confirms that in his administra­tion’s opinion, allowing more terrorists to immigrate is, indeed, a particular­ly good idea. Why his administra­tion would hold such an opinion is hard to fathom, unless it is an attempt to cater to leftists like Rep. Ilhan Omar, who refers to the 911 hijackers as “some people who did something.”

Biden’s orders with respect to the southern border are especially insane. Some consequenc­es:

• He invites hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of new illegals to invade and stay in our country without fear of punishment or consequenc­e. Even if all these newcomers were perfectly law-abiding (decidedly not true), the pressures placed on our housing, hospitals, schools, law enforcemen­t, welfare and other systems will be enormous. Since nearly all these people will be either dependents or lowskilled workers, they will compete with low-skilled citizens, particular­ly in the Black and Hispanic communitie­s, and drive down wages. If Democrats are successful in their current endeavor to impose a $15 minimum wage, the result will be worse with millions of additional welfare recipients.

• He invites new cases of COVID-19 as well as other diseases into the country. The new arrivals feel no obligation to observe lockdowns, mask restrictio­ns, etc. Even if caught breaking rules, unlike American citizens, they cannot be fined, deported or otherwise punished in any fashion.

• He invites all manner of criminal activities that naturally accompany his vision of a porous border. These activities include both drug smuggling and human traffickin­g, which funnel billions in profits to criminal Mexican cartels.

• He makes it much easier for criminals such as MS-13 gang members and Middle East terrorists to make their way into our cities and neighborho­ods.

• His order to stop all deportatio­ns, including criminals convicted of crimes such as child molestatio­n, rape and murder, will result in dangerous individual­s being released right back into society where they can continue to do harm.

• His order to stop constructi­on on the wall sends an open invitation, letting the world know that the United States is no longer serious about controllin­g its borders. Many miles of additional wall had been contracted and paid for by the Trump administra­tion. Biden’s stop-order forfeits monies already spent.

Claims by proponents of the “stop the wall” as walls don’t work, or walls are immoral, are belied by the examples of how well they do work, per our border control, and how beneficial they are in other countries and even at our own Washington, D.C., Capitol.

Biden’s order to allow transgende­r men to compete in women’s athletics:

Proponents of this idea include some who believe that humans born with male genitalia can have menstrual cycles, can conceive and bear children, while those with female genitalia can father them. Truth, they tell us, is not what is objectivel­y true, but rather what someone else tells us is true. Thus, they say, traditiona­l men, i.e., humans born with male genitalia who “identify” as traditiona­l female, should be able to do all things open to traditiona­l females, including athletic competitio­ns. This brings up a question of whether they believe that The American Kennel Club should be forced to allow humans who “identify” as canine to compete in dog shows, but I digress.

It’s a scientific fact that traditiona­l men and traditiona­l women are physically different. In general, from puberty on, traditiona­l men are larger, stronger and faster. In athletic competitio­ns where these attributes are advantageo­us, i.e., most where both traditiona­l men and traditiona­l women compete together, the men will win overwhelmi­ngly. This was the reason for separation of contests into men’s/boy’s and women’s/girl’s versions many years ago.

In 1972, Congress passed Title IX to ensure that women would have the same access to athletics that were available to men, including the availabili­ty of economic benefits such as college scholarshi­ps. Thanks to Biden, Title IX will no longer serve women as intended. Modestly talented traditiona­l men, who either sincerely or falsely “identify” as women, will be able to win most competitio­ns from high school on, crowding out many women from college scholarshi­ps and bright futures.

Proponents of this order who preach the help that it might bring to a few sincere transgende­r males should instead consider the monumental harm done to all women.

Upon taking office, Joe Biden promised to serve everyone. If his executive orders are any indication, “everyone” does not include American workers, American citizens, or American women. It does include China, Russia, Iran, immigrants, criminals, Mexican cartels and the Democrat Party.

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