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Man accused of SCV felonies returns to court

- By Caleb Lunetta Signal Staff Writer

Bijan Shaikh, 25, of Van Nuys, appeared in court Tuesday in connection to allegation­s against him of domestic violence, kidnapping and child endangerme­nt.

He is set to return March 25 for a prelim setting. A prelim setting is a hearing date to schedule a preliminar­y hearing — when the evidence is presented to the judge who decides whether the trial will move ahead.

On Nov. 13 of last year, deputies responded to the 28900 block of Shadow Valley Lane in Saugus for a for a report of a domestic incident.

Shaikh, according to investigat­ors, was involved in an alleged dispute with his ex-girlfriend before then forcibly taking her and their shared child and driving away in his vehicle.

“The victim left with the suspect and their child in his vehicle,” said Deputy Natalie Arriaga, a spokeswoma­n for the SCV Sheriff’s Station. “The suspect drove them toward the San Fernando Valley (and), while doing so, he physically assaulted the victim.”

The victim eventually was able to exit the vehicle and alert a family member of their location. The suspect continued into the San Fernando Valley, where he was eventually detained by the Los Angeles Police Department, after getting into several traffic collisions, Arriaga said.

The victim suffered minor injuries. However, she declined medical treatment.

The Van Nuys man was later located by Los Angeles Police Department officers, and arrested on suspicion of multiple felonies and misdemeano­rs.

Shaikh is being held in lieu of $1 million bail, according to Sheriff’s Department records.

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