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NTS celebrates multi-million-dollar test building


National Technical Systems Inc., which provides qualificat­ion testing, inspection and certificat­ion services, recently celebrated the grand opening of its multi-million-dollar dynamics test building at its Santa Clarita laboratory.

The secure test building houses a new, large-force T-4000 dual shaker system, which is critical for helping customers in the race to space, according to a news release issued by NTS.

“We are delighted to continue in the 60-year history commitment to our customers to ensure the best test experience possible,” Francisco Palop, director of operations at NTS Santa Clarita, said in a prepared statement.

Representa­tives from space, aviation and defense companies, including Blue Origin, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, were there to witness the unveiling, including Chahriar Assad, chief scientist and technical fellow at Boeing, who said, “The qualificat­ion and testing of hardware for space flight systems is unique, extensive and complicate­d; and is a mandatory, critical step in delivering the safest and most reliable systems for space exploratio­n. NTS is one of a select few companies that is trusted to test the flight hardware needed for travel to space.”

NTS’ dual-shaker systems have been used to qualify components for nearly every space launch platform, including the Space Shuttle, Atlas, Delta IV and Space Launch System.

The NTS Santa Clarita Lab is a massive test facility with advanced dynamics, environmen­tal, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic testing capabiliti­es to meet the most extreme testing challenges for military, aviation and space projects and programs, per the release.

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