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Why you need a hammock

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Sunny days and warm weather beckon us to the great outdoors. A day spent in the pool or lounging around the patio is a great way to embrace the relaxing spirit of summer. But those who want to go the extra relaxing miles should consider adding a hammock or swinging chair to their backyard oasis.

Hammocks and swinging chairs make great investment­s. Outdoor enthusiast­s can take them on camping trips, and they’re equally at home right in the backyard. People on the fence about these symbols of relaxation can consider these benefits of hammocks or swinging chairs.

Nap comfortabl­y outdoors

Who needs an excuse to catch up on missing sleep? If the time presents itself, the sun and the fresh air can induce a deep sense of relaxation. Lying on a hammock or floating in a hanging chair provides that additional soothing rocking motion that can make a cat nap even more enticing.

Use it indoors or outdoors

Create a retreat in any corner of your yard or home. A hanging chair can be hung in the corner of a bedroom to provide a spot to curl up with a good book or rock a baby to sleep. The same chair can be brought to a covered deck or patio so people can swing with the breeze when the weather allows.

Super stargazing retreat

Hammocks and swinging chairs can make it easier and more comfortabl­e to stargaze at night. With a double hammock or chair, bring a romantic partner along to snuggle and watch the cosmos. Or teach children about the constellat­ions in the night sky.

Be inconspicu­ous among nature

Lying on the ground disturbs the lawn and other outdoor components. Being suspended several inches above the ground in a chair or a hammock can help a person blend in with the natural environmen­t. Birds, small animals and insects may not even know you’re there, and that can make them easier to observe.

Everyone can appreciate the opportunit­y to relax. Hammocks and swinging chairs can help a person feel lighter than air and recharge in the summer air.

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