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Two SCV felony suspects return to court

Suspects are accused of committing multiple felonies in SCV

- By Caleb Lunetta

Two suspects accused of having committed felonies in the Santa Clarita Valley returned to court on Friday, receiving future dates to reappear in court.

Christian Ortiz

A Valencia man accused of murdering his boyfriend in 2017 returned to court last week.

&KULVWLDQ 2UWL] LV charged with the murder RI %UD\DQ 5RGULJXH] KLV boyfriend at the time of the alleged crime.

He is set to return on Oct. 18 for a pretrial conference. Pretrial conference­s are used for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: establishi­ng a timeline for concluding all pre-trial activities and possibly setting a tentative trial date at this time, encouragin­g the settlement of cases, counsel trying to agree on undisputed facts or points of law, and more.

5RGULJXH]¶V ERG\ ZDV found inside a closet in a house on the 23600 block of Via Valer, near Valencia Glen Park. RoGULJXH] ZKR ZDV years old at the time of his death, had been reported missing Sept. 22, 2017, resulting in a number of searches to find him throughout the weekend.

2UWL] ZKR ZDV DW the time of the alleged murder, remains in custody in the Twin Towers Correction­al Facility with bail set at $2 million.

Maria Herrera

Maria Herrera, 29, is accused of purposeful­ly igniting a brush fire on Oct. 2 at around 3:30 p.m. Firefighte­rs were able to extinguish the EOD]H ZLWKLQ VHYHQ PLQutes of their arrival, but QRW EHIRUH WKH EOD]H KDG burned 2 acres of land near 15th Street and Railroad Avenue.

She was asked to return to the San Fernando

Courthouse, Department NVG, on Friday for a prelim setting. A prelim setting is a hearing date to schedule a preliminar­y hearing — when the evidence is presented to the judge, who decides whether the trial will move ahead.

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials confirmed the arson investigat­ion shortly after the fire was extinguish­ed, noting that multiple witnesses identified Herrera leaving the scene.

The defendant was charged with a felony count of driving or taking a vehicle without consent; and arson of a structure or forest.

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