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1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the full name of the famous Barbie doll?

2. MOVIE: Which movie features a family home on Cherry Tree Lane?

3. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital city of Bermuda?

4. AWARDS: For what achievemen­t is the Folio 3UL]H DZDUGHG"

5. MUSIC: What was the only U.S. Top 40 song that guitarist/singer Jimi Hendrix had?

6. ANATOMY: What connects muscles to bones?

7. TELEVISION: What is the name of the van in the animated series “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?”?

8. MEASUREMEN­TS: What does a candela measure?

9. FOOD & DRINK: Which spirit is sometimes described as the “green fairy”?

10. LITERATURE: Owen Meany is a character invented by which author?

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