The Signal



By Fifi Rodriguez

1. SCIENCE: What is an organism that depends entirely upon another organism for its existence?

2. HISTORY: When did the Suez Canal open?

3. GEOGRAPHY: What nation’s second largest island is called Mindanao?

4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Where was sherry invented?”

5. MUSIC: Who was known as “the king of swing”?

6. DISCOVERIE­S: In what century was the ancient city of Troy rediscover­ed by archaeolog­ists?

7. GOVERNMENT: Who was the longest-serving House Speaker?

8. MOVIES: Who directed the movie “It Happened One Night”?

9. ARCHITECTU­RE: How many churches did Christophe­r Wren design for London after the Great Fire of 1666?

10. TELEVISION: On “The Flintstone­s,” what is Bam-Bam’s last name?

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