The Signal

A Little Faith in Humanity


Perhaps it’s a sad critique of the world we live in when a story like the following is classified as “weird” — but greed abounds in this modern age, so when an act of kindness rises above the usual dreck, it is weird news indeed. Eduardo Martinez of Honduras, who works near Broadway in New York, probably expected a more typical ending to his story: On March 2, as he rushed to get to work through jampacked Times Square, Martinez dropped his wallet. Losing his IDs and personal effects would have been devastatin­g enough, but Martinez also had $4,000 in cash inside his billfold. As he waded through the crowd of tourists and searched the ground, two police officers approached and informed him that the wallet had been picked up by a fellow commuter and turned over safe and sound — with all $4,000 intact. Here’s to happy endings!

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