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Democrat Demands for Compliance

- Patricia SUZANNE Patricia Suzanne is a profession­al writer, retired small business owner, and conservati­ve Republican activist. She is determined to Make California Golden Again by waking up one voter at a time to embrace conservati­ve values and pressure

All signs point to our emergence from the worst of the pandemic. Death numbers are down, case numbers are down. Many Americans now recognize that an asymptomat­ic positive test is not a case and that mRNA injections are NOT “totally safe” (serious side effects and deaths have been reported). If you haven’t yet visited nomoresile­nce. world, grab a box of tissues. (Note that dates are expressed there with the day first — dd/mm/yyyy.)

Even Anthony Fauci has admitted that both vaccinated and unvaccinat­ed individual­s can harbor viruses in their nose and throat and easily share those little germies with others. Especially through a flimsy mask!

Bottom line… the shots do not prevent transmissi­on.

Two years of masking, shutdowns and forced jabs resulted from “mandates,” “executive orders,” “public health directives,” etc. – each of which is a commanding substitute for the word “suggestion.” All of the verbal intimidati­on and concomitan­t fines, utility shutoffs, job losses, student suspension­s and so forth violate the U.S. Constituti­on. Our response should always be, “Show me the law!”

However, our state Legislatur­e, ever pondering the possibilit­ies, is busy introducin­g “health care” bills aimed at destroying the rights of parents, students, workers, even medical profession­als!

ALL of the bills mentioned below have been written, sponsored and supported by Democrats. Not surprising, considerin­g that they hold veto-proof super-majorities in both houses of the California Legislatur­e.

Here’s a litany of COVID laws pending. Read to the bottom, to learn what you can DO about all this.

• Senate Bill 866 authorizes children 12 years of age or older to get a COVID vaccine without parent knowledge or consent. Remember the 13-year-old Los Angeles boy who said yes to a shot when a school employee offered him pizza? (She gave him the slice and instructed him NOT TO TELL HIS PARENTS.)

• SB 1479 requires every school district, county office of education and charter school to create a COVID-19 testing plan and designate one staff member to report informatio­n on its program to the state Department of Public Health.

• Assembly Bill 1797 would merge the three California Immunizati­on Registry tracking systems to create one statewide system, requiring that all vaccines be entered into that registry. Schools and other entities would have access to all vaccine records, not simply those of their own students/patients or the particular vaccines required for school attendance.

• AB 2098 would designate the disseminat­ion of “misinforma­tion” related to COVID-19 by a physician or surgeon as unprofessi­onal conduct. Medical boards could then investigat­e and sanction any doctor who disagrees with the convention­al narrative. No opinions, no speaking out about issues that directly impact patient well-being, no off-label prescribin­g.

The following bills were pulled or put on hold. But watch for their re-emergence:

• AB 1993 would require an employer to require each person who is an employee or independen­t contractor in the state of California to show proof of vaccinatio­n against COVID-19.

• SB 1464 requires law enforcemen­t to enforce public health orders. If they don’t, funding will be withheld and rerouted to Health Department programs. L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva refused to fire his unvaccinat­ed deputies, so this bill is aimed squarely at him! County sheriffs are elected BY THE PEOPLE to represent their interests and uphold their rights as defined in the U.S. Constituti­on.

• SB 871 requires all children, ages 0 to 17, to get the COVID-19 vaccine to attend any day care, public, or private schools. Removes exemptions for personal beliefs, disregards emergency use authorizat­ion status, and allows the California Department of Public Health to authorize additional doses.

• SB 1390 prohibits social media platforms from amplifying harmful content. The word “amplify” in this context, means “taking action that increases viewership,” and the term “harmful content” comprises libel or slander, threats of violence against government­al entities, and disinforma­tion/misinforma­tion, which includes (but is not limited to) false or misleading statements about medicine, vaccinatio­ns, elections and conspiracy theories.

For talking points on the above-mentioned state legislatio­n (and a few other bills), go here:­lkingPoint­s. You can easily learn about and track state legislatio­n here. Be prepared with the bill name or number:­n.

Then what? Contact your state senator and Assembly member and ask for NO votes on ALL of this legislatio­n. In Santa Clarita, your state senator could be Republican Scott Wilk (most of SCV) or Democrat Henry Stern (parts of Newhall and Valencia plus Stevenson Ranch and Westridge). Our SCV Assembly member is Republican Suzette Valladares. Do not assume that Republican representa­tives support your point of view. ALL electeds who represent you need to know what you expect of them.

For a complete LIST of ALL YOUR elected representa­tives, federal, state and local, type in your address here — whoaremyre­presentati­ — and you’ll find each individual’s political party, phone numbers and links to websites and social media accounts.

Call! Send a letter or email! Keep it simple. Repeat daily.

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