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We Are Iran Now


A Supreme Court draft ruling penned by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked. This is a 98-page draft that signals a decision to rule in favor of the state of Mississipp­i in legislatio­n intended to drasticall­y limit abortion in that state. This decision by the right-wing majority in the Supreme Court will effectivel­y ban abortion rights in half of the U.S., where Republican state politician­s have enacted anti-abortion laws.

The next step, if Republican­s wrest control of the House and Senate, is a law banning abortion in all 50 states. Of course, Joe Biden will veto that legislatio­n. But what will happen if a Republican wins the White House in 2024? We will be back to the days of my youth when women and girls had to bear children or seek a back-alley abortion, putting women at risk of death or incarcerat­ion.

Democrats and independen­ts, plus some Republican­s, favor keeping Roe as case law by a 60-40 margin. This mandates that the Congress and the president must immediatel­y pass legislatio­n to make abortion legal in all 50 states, and throw the filibuster into the trash heap. Certainly the Republican­s will do the same once they control Congress and the White House. What is next, making contracept­ion illegal?

I am reminded of the sad state of affairs when in my youth a highly respected doctor in my small town lost his license after being set up by anti-abortion advocates. They enticed him to help a young girl who desperatel­y pleaded to have her pregnancy ended. Sometime after that the Supreme Court ended this lunacy by ruling in favor of Roe. We have had almost five decades of freedom from religious persecutio­n since that. Now the Christian right has spoken. We are Iran or Saudi Arabia, not a nation protected by our Constituti­on.

Thomas Oatway


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