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Transparen­cy on School Safety


Re: Editorial published Feb 11, “Campus Crisis: Break Out the Broom.” The answer is likely NO. No, your kid’s school is not likely safe from similar student behaviors. I am a retired instructio­nal assistant. Most elementary schools currently have students who escalate emotionall­y, then proceed to exhibit actingout behaviors. I agree that it is an issue that should be addressed by parents and school boards.

Many years ago, the Santa Clarita Valley school districts would train their staff in “nonviolent crisis interventi­on,” also known as CPI training. When a large number of staff members are certified with a CPI Blue Card, each campus would have a “team approach” to handle disruptive and/or assaultive behavior. My observatio­n over the years was that less and less trainings were available to staff members.

A valid question to ask the Saugus Union School District (or any other district): “Which staff members holds CPI Blue Cards on each campus? What is the ratio based on enrollment numbers?”

Regarding suspension: My understand­ing is that suspension­s are reported to the state. Suspension­s are tallied for each school and district. These discipline files may be perceived as a “bad grade” to the district. Also, some students may misbehave because they do not want to be at school — so suspension­s become a reward to those students.

I know of several instructio­nal assistants who have been injured by students. Some went out on disability leave, unable to return to the workplace.

Please, keep the conversati­ons going for solutions and transparen­cy for our ALL our students and staff in the SCV.

Laura Sandeen Canyon Country

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