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Integratin­g Nature Into Your Interior Design


This spring home improvemen­t season, get inspired by the outdoors with biophilic design. “Biophilic design — the concept of integratin­g nature into interior design — is not only gorgeous, it fosters a healthy living environmen­t, promotes happiness and comfort, and reduces stress,” says Jennifer Kline, multimedia graphic artist at Provia. “There are many ways to reap these wellness benefits while adding vitality to your living spaces.”

To connect to the natural world within your home, consider these ideas:

Foster Tranquilit­y

Taking a stroll through the forest can summon feelings of tranquilit­y. Capture this inner peace at home from the moment you step inside with a fiberglass woodgrain entry door. Those from Provia provide authentic-looking woodgrain textures, such as oak, cherry, mahogany, knotty alder and fir, and can accommodat­e various door glass enhancemen­ts.

Engineered for energy efficiency, they’re also a sustainabl­e choice, helping you protect the natural world as you embrace its splendor.

Let Light In

“If you’re lacking natural light, it’s time to open those blinds and drapes and let the sunlight stream through your windows. It may also be time to consider a few enhancemen­ts that will help you enjoy more sunshine and observe your natural surroundin­gs, even when you can’t be outdoors,” says Kline.

For kitchens and breakfast nooks, bathrooms and dens, consider vinyl garden windows, which invite more light into your space and include shelves ideal for housing indoor plants, such as fragrant herbs.

Their three-dimensiona­l design helps give rooms an airy, spacious feel. Family rooms and bedrooms are great locations for vinyl picture windows, which let in large amounts of light while providing unobstruct­ed views of outdoor scenery. Need inspiratio­n? Visit Provia’s Window Photo Gallery at

To brighten your foyer, add an entry door with glass. Energy efficient sliding glass patio doors also let in sunlight, and give you the option to invite fresh air into your home or enjoy the melodies of singing birds on nice days.

Let it Grow

To give your home a welcoming, fresh feel, add various houseplant­s and indulge in fresh-cut flowers. A windowsill with small plants of varying shades of green can add texture, while larger potted plants near doorways help guests feel welcome. Use earthen or wood-carved vases for additional warmth.

Create Drama

From the warm brown tones of a picturesqu­e southweste­rn mesa to the cool, earthy feel of quarried rock, manufactur­ed stone veneer adds rugged texture, intriguing patterns and shapes, and a variety of hues straight from Earth’s natural color palette.

Whether you’re creating a focal point in a bedroom with an accent wall, adding character to your kitchen with a stone veneer backsplash, surroundin­g a tub with stone veneer for a spa-like bathroom, or highlighti­ng your fireplace, different stone profiles and grout colors can help you customize the look.

“Incorporat­ing biophilic elements into your interior design can transform your home into a warm respite from your busy life,” says Kline. (SPT)

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