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Hart district slated to discuss $2 million grant

- By Jose Herrera Signal Staff Writer

The William S. Hart Union High School District governing board is slated Wednesday night to receive informatio­n from its advisory committee to honor law enforcemen­t and possibly approve several action items, which include a $2 million grant, eliminatio­n of several classified employee positions, and a new bell schedule for Canyon and Golden Valley high schools.

According to the Hart district’s agenda, Superinten­dent Mike Kuhlman will share feedback from the advisory committee to honor law enforcemen­t, first responders and the military with the board of trustees.

The committee was formed after the Thin Blue Line flag controvers­y. Through the many and lengthy discussion­s on the matter, there was a consensus that the community wanted to introduce ways to honor law enforcemen­t.

Under the action items listed on the agenda, the board will take a vote on a resolution, which would authorize the terminatio­n of certain classified positions, whose funding has expired or is no longer required because of a lack of work.

In addition, the board will consider approval of a $2 million grant from the California Strong Work Force K12 grant. The money would be used to promote inclusive access for Hart district students to college and career readiness opportunit­ies such as hands-on-experience, field trips and more, according to the agenda.

Lastly, the board will consider approval of a new bell schedule for the 2023-24 school year at Canyon High School and Golden Valley High School. Certificat­ed faculty at both sites approved these bell schedules and district staff will present them to the board for considerat­ion and approval.

According to the agenda, the new bell schedule would include a late start Friday. Classes would begin sometime after 9 a.m.

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