Ac­tion hap­pens when you take re­spon­si­bil­ity

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“At the end of the day we are ac­count­able to our­selves - our suc­cess is a re­sult of what we do.” — Cather­ine Pul­sifer

In my last ar­ti­cle we looked at get­ting un­stuck and mov­ing to­ward your fu­ture goals. Now you are ready to stop say­ing “some­day I will” and start achiev­ing pow­er­ful changes. Now that you have de­cided to fo­cus your at­ten­tion on what is im­por­tant in your life, what hap­pens next?

Once you have set a few goals, de­cide when to be­gin and what dead­line is re­al­is­tic for you. The only rule is that you write down the goal and that you are spe­cific, and you put your ac­tion plans on your cal­en­dar. Make sure you have clar­ity about the goal that you want to achieve. If you are set­ting busi­ness goals, SMART goals help you set tar­gets such as profit or num­ber of sales. For per­sonal goals you can adapt the process that works for you or use the acro­nym (SMART) as an easy re­minder of the el­e­ments needed to form a spe­cific goal. SMART goals (Spe­cific, Mea­sur­able, Achiev­able, Re­al­is­tic, and Timed) are clear goals. You can use this goal-set­ting process in both busi­ness and your per­sonal life. Re­mem­ber to be so clear about what you want to hap­pen that you can also see it in your mind.

Ac­tion hap­pens when you take re­spon­si­bil­ity. You can have the best plans but if you do not hold your­self ac­count­able, your plans will stay just plans. Get your pri­or­i­ties on the cal­en­dar and break large goals into small steps. Set­ting small tasks and sync­ing them with the cal­en­dar will help you stay on track. When you com­plete tasks, re­mem­ber to re­ward your­self! The re­ward can be as sim­ple as a cup of cof­fee or at­tend­ing a new yoga class. Some­times you will need an ac­count­abil­ity part­ner to stay on track. You can prac­tice ac­count­abil­ity by telling an­other per­son what you want to achieve and re­port­ing mile­stones to that per­son. Find some­one that you trust that will meet with you for pe­ri­odic up­dates on your suc­cess. Keep it sim­ple and send them a short e-mail to let them know you com­pleted the pro­ject, or you made it to the gym.

When it comes to health-re­lated goals, some peo­ple do find the need for a more pro­fes­sional com­mit­ment to an ac­count­abil­ity part­ner called a coach. If you try the above steps and you are still not com­plet­ing the ac­tion steps on your cal­en­dar, you may need a coach. I am speak­ing from my own ex­pe­ri­ence of try­ing to lose weight. I am also speak­ing as a coach that holds pro­fes­sion­als ac­count­able to their goals. Two cur­rent clients of mine are au­thors. The first has just com­pleted writ­ing her book af­ter sev­eral years of wish­ing to do so. The sec­ond is just be­gin­ning her ac­count­abil­ity phase and I am thrilled to be on this new jour­ney with her.

Some goals are just tough! How­ever, once you make up your mind and take re­spon­si­bil­ity to make your goal hap­pen, you will see ex­actly what ob­sta­cles are in your way. By the way I am half-way there with my weight loss goal. I think I will treat my­self to a new dress and check in with my coach dur­ing the hol­i­days. It all de­pends on you, and whether you choose to take the es­sen­tial steps to cre­ate the re­sults you de­sire or con­tinue do­ing what you’ve been do­ing and keep ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the same re­sults.

My next ar­ti­cle will fo­cus on how to over­come pro­cras­ti­na­tion.

Dr. Carol-Anne Min­ski works with busi­ness leaders and com­pa­nies seek­ing ways to sig­nif­i­cantly in­crease their or­ga­ni­za­tional per­for­mance. She helps leaders raise the bar and max­i­mize per­for­mance. Carol-Anne is au­thor of “Fo­cus! Get What You Want Out of Life” and the “Fo­cus! Plan­ning Jour­nal.” For more in­for­ma­tion, visit fo­cuswith­­dia.

Dr. CarolAnne Min­ski

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