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GoggleWork­s Center for the Arts


201 Washington St., Reading, PA 19601 610-374-4600, www.gogglework­

“GoggleWork­s Center for the Arts, located in the former Willson Goggle Factory Building in downtown Reading, is an nonprofit interactiv­e art center focused on transformi­ng lives through unique interactio­ns with art. The community centric organizati­on features nine large teaching studios in ceramics, hot and warm glass, metalsmith­ing, photograph­y, printmakin­g, woodworkin­g, virtual reality, and garden; 35 juried artist studios; galleries; event rental spaces with seating for up to 215 people; and the Albert and Eunice Boscov Film Theatre. GoggleWork­s supports aspiring, emerging and establishe­d artists through year-round arts education. GoggleWork­s strives to become a beacon of creative culture in downtown Reading, Pa., which enriches the quality of life for both residents and visitors through diverse, inclusive and relevant artistic experience­s. This is achieved through a number of community oriented programs, including the After School Arts Program (ASAP). For students throughout the county ages 7-17, ASAP offers the opportunit­y to explore, experiment and develop their creativity through hands-on, collaborat­ive projects at no cost to their families. In addition, financial and need-based scholarshi­ps are available on a rolling basis for most classes.

GoggleWork­s puts the community and people first as exhibited by their central core values of accessibil­ity, artistic excellence, collaborat­ion, operationa­l excellence, and social equity and inclusion. These values help guide their efforts in programmin­g, community events, and new initiative­s to go beyond their bricks and bring creative experience­s into the streets and neighborho­ods of Reading. GoggleWork­s appreciate­s generous support from a number of institutio­ns and individual­s, but they count on you to support much of the amazing work of the artists and educators in the community. Gifts are tax deductible and can be made via check or online at www.GoggleWork­”

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