The Spokesman-Review (Spokane) : 2019-02-11

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NEWS 8 THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW MONDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2019 See if REGENERATIVE MEDICINE is right for you at one of our FREE EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS Monday February COEUR D’ALENE Best Western Plus 18th 506 W Appleway Avenue 12p & 6p Tuesday February SPOKANE VALLEY Oxford Suites 19th 15015 E Indiana Ave 12p & 6p Wednesday SPOKANE February The Centennial 303 W North River Dr 20th 12p & 6p Thursday SPOKANE February Quality Inn Oakwood 7919 N Division St 21th 12p & 6p Suffering from Back & Knee Pain PAIN? “Just that night when I went home was the first time, I would say in a year that I had a perfect night’s sleep. I can’t begin to tell you how great this has been.” ~ Irina BACK | NECK SHOULDERS ANKLES WRISTS | | HIPS HANDS | KNEES | | Back A “The first thing that I noticed was I was able to sleep all night without waking up. If you’re in any kind of chronic pain, I would highly recommend stem cells as the first choice of treatment.” ~ Roxie s a leader in regenerative medicine, we have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain and other conditions. cured through regenerative medicine treatments.” We want to be transparent with you and disclose that not everyone responds to the therapy. A high enough percentage of patients do respond favorably and are Regenerative medicine has the potential to be an excellent therapy for many conditions as stated in a recent U.S. Government that we feel that this a very viable treatment option for conditions “Virtually any disease that results from malfunctioning, damaged or we treat. failing tissues may be potentially Hip Pain • ARTHRITIS • TENDINITIS • BURSITIS • HERNIATED/ BULGING or SLIPPED DISC • KNEE, HIP or DISC DEGENERATION “My wife and I were very impressed with the results from the stem cell injections. I would definitely do it over again if I ever need to.” ~ James • SPINAL STENOSIS Flushing, drop in *Results may vary embolism at site where bone marrow is extracted, infection at aspiration site. SPACE IS LIMITED, CALL NOW, RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY! *Stem Cell Therapy is considered experimental. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 509-769-3103

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