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Q: I have toma­toes com­ing out my ears. What can I do with them? I’m not much of a cook, and it’s too hot to cook any­way. I’m not go­ing to can them. Any sug­ges­tions be­sides sand­wiches?

A: Share with friends and neigh­bors or people at your workplace, church, gym or so­cial clubs. Some people have never had the plea­sure of eat­ing a true home­grown tomato. Also check with your lo­cal food bank. The people there may be thrilled to get some­thing fresh rather than canned or pro­cessed items.

If you are tired of the tra­di­tional sand­wich of tomato and may­on­naise or of the BLT, try a TVO (tomato-Vi­dalia onion) or slip slices of tomato into pi­mento cheese and grilled cheese sand­wiches.

Why should only ham­burg­ers be hon­ored with toma­toes? Sprin­kle diced toma­toes on your hot dog, too. Freshen a store-bought or de­liv­ery pizza with thin slices of toma­toes.

Toma­toes go well with eggs at break­fast, and halved cherry toma­toes or chopped toma­toes can be used as a top­ping for grits. Try a slice of tomato on but­tered toast.

Driz­zle sliced toma­toes with bal­samic vine­gar and serve with hunks of moz­zarella. Stuff cherry toma­toes with pesto.

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