A na­tional emer­gency

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“Dear Col­leagues,” Sen. Jeff Ses­sions, R-Ala., wrote to his fel­low sen­a­tors, “I write to in­form you of a devel­op­ment that threat­ens the foun­da­tion of our con­sti­tu­tional Repub­lic.”

That should grab them. It grabbed me.

Ses­sions con­tin­ued, quot­ing from a Na­tional Jour­nal re­port on a re­cent White House meet­ing where Pres­i­dent Obama “made it clear he would press his ex­ec­u­tive pow­ers to the limit” in order to pre­vent mil­lions of il­le­gal aliens from be­ing de­ported. Obama could spare “be­tween 5 mil­lion to 6 mil­lion adult il­le­gal im­mi­grants (from) de­por­ta­tion un­der a sim­i­lar form of de­ferred ad­ju­di­ca­tion he or­dered for the so­called Dream­ers in June 2012.”

Obama, the re­port con­tin­ued, “has now or­dered the Home­land Se­cu­rity and Jus­tice de­part­ments to find ex­ec­u­tive au­thor­i­ties that could en­large that non-pros­e­cu­to­rial um­brella by a fac­tor of 10. Se­nior officials also tell (The Na­tional Jour­nal) Obama wants to see what he can do with ex­ec­u­tive power to pro­vide tem­po­rary le­gal sta­tus to un­doc­u­mented adults.”

Un­less my mul­ti­pli­ca­tion skills fail me, such a “non-pros­e­cu­to­rial um­brella” po­ten­tially cov­ers a stag­ger­ing 50 to 60 mil­lion per­sons in fla­grant vi­o­la­tion of U.S. im­mi­gra­tion law.

“This is breath­tak­ing,” Ses­sions wrote. “The ac­tion the pres­i­dent is re­port­edly contemplating would be a nul­li­fi­ca­tion of the Im­mi­gra­tion and Na­tion­al­ity Act by the ex­ec­u­tive branch of govern­ment. In­deed, it would be an ex­ec­u­tive nul­li­fi­ca­tion of our bor­ders as an en­force­able na­tional boundary. By declar­ing whole classes of il­le­gal im­mi­grants be­yond the reach of the law, it would re­move the moral au­thor­ity needed to en­force any im­mi­gra­tion law, cre­at­ing the very open-bor­ders pol­icy ex­plic­itly re­jected by Congress and the peo­ple. And it would guar­an­tee that the cur­rent il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion dis­as­ter would only fur­ther worsen and desta­bi­lize.”

It’s worth lin­ger­ing over the se­na­tor’s sober lan­guage to ab­sorb its ex­plo­sive mean­ing. As Sen. Ses­sion tells it -- and he tells it like it is -- this pres­i­dent is push­ing the “ex­ec­u­tive nul­li­fi­ca­tion of our bor­ders as an en­force­able na­tional boundary.” How can this be hap­pen­ing? The sim­plest rea­son is the U.S. Se­nate and the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives con­tinue to fund the fed­eral bu­reau­cracy that is the mech­a­nism of border nul­li­fi­ca­tion. This bu­reau­cracy re­volves around the tril­lion-dol­lar-per-year De­part­ment of Health and Hu­man Ser­vices, which in­cludes the Ad­min­is­tra­tion of Chil­dren and Fam­i­lies (ACF), the Of­fice of Refugee Re­set­tle­ment, and other non-demo­crat­i­cally em­pow­ered en­forcers of fun­da­men­tal de­mo­graphic change. You like your com­mu­nity? Well, you can’t keep your com­mu­nity -- not if the Wash­ing­ton so­cial en­gi­neers whose salaries you pay suc­cess­fully set­tle blocs of aliens in Your­town, USA – “tem­po­rar­ily.”

How “mean” and “un­char­i­ta­ble,” the Left and pro-Amnesty Right will say: Where is that guid­ing sense of Catholic, Epis­co­pal, Jewish, Lutheran, Bap­tist char­ity that in­spires the faith-based char­i­ties “help­ing” in the “cri­sis”? Me, I’d like to know where the “char­ity” is in these same “char­i­ties” that We, the Peo­ple, pay taxes to sup­port, too. De­stroy­ing a na­tion’s sovereignty, it turns out, is one long pub­lic gravy train.

Thanks to re­port­ing by the web­sites Refugee Re­set­tle­ment Watch and Con­ser­va­tive Tree House, and the news site WND.com, it be­comes pos­si­ble to quan­tify quickly the ex­tent to which these “char­i­ties” are lit­tle dif­fer­ent from other fed­eral bu­reau­cra­cies with hands in our pock­ets -- although maybe some of the oth­ers are still ded­i­cated to our pro­tec­tion. Hun­dreds of mil­lions of tax­payer dol­lars go to groups that help re­set­tle aliens in this coun­try, WND.com re­ports, in­clud­ing about a half-dozen re­li­gious or­ga­ni­za­tions.

In 2012, for ex­am­ple, 93 per­cent of the $71 mil­lion that the U.S. Con­fer­ence of Catholic Bish­ops spent as­sist­ing refugees came from tax­payer dol­lars. The same year, 96.8 per­cent of the $41.7 mil­lion to­tal in­come of the Lutheran Im­mi­gra­tion and Refugee Ser­vice was also pub­lic monies. We see a sim­i­lar bal­ance sheet at the Bap­tist Child and Fam­ily Ser­vices (BCFS), no­to­ri­ous lately for its (thank­fully) with­drawn bid to buy a $50 mil­lion Texas re­sort to house alien mi­nors. The Con­ser­va­tive Tree House placed BCFS’s 2012 tax re­turn dis­play on­line, re­veal­ing that of the “char­ity’s” $67.3 mil­lion in rev­enue, about 94 per­cent, or $63.3 mil­lion, came from you and me -- not by char­i­ta­ble choice. In other words, this is more “re­dis­tribu­tive change,” only with sanc­ti­mony on the side.

But not the kind of money to buy a Texas re­sort, right?

As chaos wracks our na­tion, for­tune smiles upon BCFS. Al­ready in 2014, the “char­ity” has re­ceived more than a quar­ter-bil­lion tax­payer dol­lars from the HHS’s Ad­min­is­tra­tion of Chil­dren and Fam­i­lies. Cit­ing govern­ment grant sta­tis­tics, The Con­ser­va­tive Tree House also pointed out that $190,707,505 dropped in BCFS’s lap on one giddy day this month. Go buy the “kids” a new re­sort?

“Congress must not ac­qui­esce to spend­ing more tax­payer dol­lars un­til the pres­i­dent unequiv­o­cally re­scinds his threat of more il­le­gal ex­ec­u­tive ac­tion,” Jeff Ses­sions told his col­leagues.

That’ll be the day. But Ses­sions is cor­rect that Congress mustn’t pay another pub­lic penny to nul­lify our bor­ders and wage de­mo­graphic war on our com­mu­ni­ties -- and it cer­tainly mustn’t ap­prove the pres­i­dent’s “sup­ple­men­tal” re­quest for $4.3 bil­lion.

But how about cut­ting off money to the bu­reau­cra­cies and “char­i­ties” that will only con­tinue chip­ping away at U.S. na­tion­hood? This is not a “cri­sis,” but a long-term state of emer­gency. In this na­tional emer­gency, the proper and pa­tri­otic use of tax­payer dol­lars is for se­cu­rity and de­por­ta­tions.

Only then might this ex­is­ten­tial threat to what re­mains of our repub­lic pass.

(Diana West’s lat­est book is “Amer­i­can Be­trayal: The Se­cret As­sault on Our Na­tion’s Char­ac­ter” from St. Martin’s Press.)

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