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Q: Do you have a recipe for can­taloupe cob­bler?

A: Ger­rie Fort, Cir­cu­la­tion Man­ager of the Farm­ers and Con­sumers Mar­ket Bul­letin came through with this recipe from her mother, Eva Mae Chap­pell of Ma­con, Ge­or­gia. Says Mrs. Fort, “My mother made this dur­ing our child­hood days, and it is yummy good!”

Can­taloupe Cob­bler Mrs. Fort uses a 9 X 9 inch square-bak­ing dish. In­gre­di­ents for fill­ing: 1 ripe can­taloupe, peeled, seeded and cut into medium-sized pieces (Let can­taloupe stand for about 2 hours cov­ered with ½ cup sugar to help draw out the juice.)

½ cup sugar (in ad­di­tion to the ½ cup men­tioned above) 1½ cups hot wa­ter ¼ tsp. nut­meg ¼ tsp. cin­na­mon ½ stick but­ter Pinch of salt 1 tsp. vanilla ex­tract 1 tbsp. flour Pie crust – Your fa­vorite crust recipe or use store-bought. “Noth­ing like home­made,” says Mrs. Fort.

A lit­tle sugar, cin­na­mon and but­ter to sprin­kle and driz­zle on at the end

Di­rec­tions Pre­heat oven to 400 de­grees. Com­bine the fill­ing in­gre­di­ents in a saucepan ex­cept the vanilla, salt and flour. Bring mix­ture to a rapid boil, but don’t let the can­taloupe pieces get soggy. Set aside and add vanilla and salt. Take some of the juice (about ½ cup) from pan, add the flour and mix un­til well blended. Pour the flour mix­ture back into the can­taloupe mix­ture and stir un­til well blended. Taste to see if it’s to your lik­ing.

Ad­just the spices or fla­vor­ing at this point to suit your taste. Slice crust into thin strips. Spread a small amount of but­ter on bot­tom of bak­ing dish. Place a layer of crust over bot­tom of dish, place in oven and bake un­til golden brown. Re­move from oven. (If you are us­ing a glass-bak­ing dish, al­low the dish to cool a lit­tle be­fore adding the can­taloupe mix­ture, es­pe­cially if you made the mix­ture ear­lier and it is cold.) Add can­taloupe mix­ture. Place a sec­ond crust over the top in a criss­cross pat­tern. Sprin­kle with sugar and cin­na­mon and driz­zle with melted but­ter. Bake un­til bub­bly and crust is golden brown.

Q: Is there a par­tic­u­lar time to pick toma­toes for the best taste?

A: There is not a par­tic­u­lar time of day to har­vest toma­toes for max­i­mum fla­vor. The best time to pick your toma­toes is when they are ripe. There is not one spe­cific sig­nal that will tell you this. Some toma­toes will still have green shoul­ders when fully ripe. Oth­ers can have turned com­pletely red or yel­low but still need to ripen a day or two more to a some­what deeper color and a sweeter, bet­ter taste. It takes some prac­tice and in­tu­ition to rec­og­nize when this is.

Another tip for the best­tast­ing toma­toes: Do not re­frig­er­ate them if you are plan­ning on us­ing them fresh. Re­frig­er­at­ing them de­stroys that highly de­sired fresh fla­vor.

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