A Demo­cratic ma­jor­ity or spe­cial in­ter­est?

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In Novem­ber, 2014 the vot­ers of Polk County voted pos­i­tively to dis­al­low the cre­ation of a paid Polk County fire de­part­ment. The vote, of those who were in­ter­ested enough in the busi­ness of the county to vote, was a clear ma­jor­ity.

Re­cent news re­ports in­di­cate there are peo­ple in the county, who con­trary to the vot­ers will, are still push­ing to im­ple­ment a Polk County fire de­part­ment.

When you drive through the county on your way to work or school or to the store, how many houses do you see burn­ing or charred from re­cent fires? Do you see one weekly or monthly or even yearly? If your ex­peri- ences are like mine, it prob­a­bly has been years since you saw a burned out house in your com­mu­nity.

I know there are a few peo­ple in the county who would fa­vor the cre­ation of a county fire de­part­ment, but don’t ask the ma­jor­ity to sub­si­dize such a project for the few who want a fire de­part­ment, which they will prob­a­bly never need or use.

The United States was founded as a repub­lic, but nowa­days most peo­ple re­fer to it as a democ­racy. If it is a democ­racy and demo­cratic votes mean any­thing, honor the demo­cratic vote that was held and by a clear ma­jor­ity Polk County vot­ers opted to stay away from more taxes and more gov­ern­ment, that is no Polk County fire de­part­ment.

Most home own­ers have home own­ers in­sur­ance. The cost of home own­ers in­sur­ance can be con­trolled to some de­gree by re­duc­ing cov­er­age or in­creas­ing de­ductibles or even not hav­ing in­sur­ance, how­ever if a Polk County fire de­part­ment is cre­ated, our taxes will be in­creased to pay for it and we won’t have the op­tion of chang­ing the amount we pay and we cer­tainly can’t drop the tax pay­ment. If we fail to pay the taxes, the gov­ern­ment will take our houses and sell them in or­der to col­lect them. Gov­ern­ment is force.

County rep­re­sen­ta­tives ( com­mis­sion­ers) rep­re­sent the vot­ers and not the spe­cial in­ter­est and the few. Honor our vote!

For Lib­erty, Wil­liam F. In­gram Jr.

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