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Sheriff: Explosion destroys a Georgia home, killing 1 inside

- The Associated Press Debris litters the area after an explosion destroyed a home killing one person inside in Cleveland.

CLEVELAND — A powerful explosion destroyed a home in Georgia on Friday, killing one person inside and shattering windows of neighborin­g houses as the blast’s shockwave was felt by people living miles away.

Investigat­ors were unable to quickly determine what triggered the blast about 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Television news stations broadcast footage showing bits of wood, concrete blocks and other debris strewn over a large area.

“The house was just blown all to pieces,” White County Sheriff Neal Walden told The Associated Press by telephone. “There was noth- ing but the foundation there.”

The sheriff confirmed the explosion killed one person inside the home, but said there were no other injuries. The blast left three or four homes nearby with broken windows and other damage, the sheriff said, and residents of neighborin­g counties several miles away reported feeling the shockwave.

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