Ran­dom thoughts on ran­dom sub­jects from in­grates to God to he­roes

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That bunch of un­grate­ful mil­lion­aires who have all the rel­e­vance of tree fun­gus and con­tinue to hold their pity party to dis­re­spect our na­tional an­them now have a P.R. Prob­lem.

The in­grates have un­der­es­ti­mated our abil­ity to af­firm their ir­rel­e­vance by tun­ing them out. A re­cent Wash­ing­ton-based Win­ston Poll af­firms that the protests have trans­formed the NFL into the least pop­u­lar pro­fes­sional sports league in Amer­ica.

A J.D. Power sur­vey in July in­di­cated 30 per­cent of the view­ers who watched less foot­ball in 2016 than they did the prior sea­son said it was be­cause they were of­fended by play­ers protest­ing the an­them.

Ob­vi­ously, that has car­ried over into 2017. So, keep ex­er­cis­ing your right to kneel, you over­paid in­grates, and we the un­washed will con­tinue to ex­er­cise our right to tune you out. Is this a great coun­try, or what? ... I spent a num­ber of years ei­ther work­ing in Wash­ing­ton or su­per­vis­ing those who did. Po­tomac fever is real, folks, and highly con­ta­gious.

That is why for­mer Geor­gia con­gress­man Tom Price and later the Sec­re­tary of Health and Hu­man Ser­vices in the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion saw no prob­lem char­ter­ing pri­vate jets to ferry him around to the tune of some $400,000 while his boss has been promis­ing to “drain the swamp.”

Price’s poor judg­ment was ex­ceeded by Penn­syl­va­nia Repub­li­can con­gress­man Tim Mur­phy, a mar­ried man and one of the lead­ing anti-abor­tion ad­vo­cates in Congress, who asked his mis­tress to have an abor­tion and did so via a text mes­sage. Bril­liant.

Both Price and Mur­phy have re­signed, the lat­est vic­tims of Po­tomac fever. ...

There is a God but it is not Har­vey We­in­stein, movie mogul and fat cat con­trib­u­tor to lib­eral causes. We­in­stein is fac­ing al­le­ga­tions of decades of sex­ual ha­rass­ment and abuse by a num­ber of women, in­clud­ing sev­eral prom­i­nent ac­tresses.

The com­pany he co-founded, Mi­ra­max, has fired him. While I could care less about what goes on in Wee­nie World, aka, Hol­ly­wood, I must con­fess this came as a shock to me be­cause none other than that es­teemed po­lit­i­cal ob­server, Meryl Streep, had des­ig­nated him a god and I hang on every word she ut­ters.

Now, she claims she was not aware of what We­in­stein was do­ing, al­though it seems that most of Wee­nie World knew. Bless her heart, Meryl needs to get out more. Like maybe to church? ... The Boy Scouts are go­ing to ad­mit girls in their ranks and be­come more in­clu­sive. The girl scouts say the Boy Scouts’ “house is on fire” — what­ever that means — and talked about the power of a “sin­gle gen­der en­vi­ron­ment” which I think means they aren’t go­ing to let boys in.

(ACLU, are you lis­ten­ing?) And what about those poor souls who don’t know which bath­room to choose? On my honor, this is mak­ing my head hurt. ...

Note to Geor­gia’s pub­lic school teach­ers: it’s that time again. The po­lit­i­cal races are be­gin­ning to heat up.

You are go­ing to hear from a lot of can­di­dates who will tell you they know how dif­fi­cult and thank­less your job can be be­cause their momma/sis­ter/un­cle/ cousin was or is a school­teacher and if you will elect them, they are go­ing to work ex­tremely hard to im­prove things for you.

That is just so much bilge wa­ter. It hap­pens every elec­tion cy­cle. Don’t let them sweet-talk you.

Do your home­work (I love telling school­teach­ers that!) And keep an eye peeled par­tic­u­larly for those ide­o­logues who ad­vo­cate more tax dol­lars for pri­vate school vouch­ers. They are not your friends. ... Fi­nally, it is hard to be­lieve it has been 10 years this month since I was in Iraq with mem­bers of geor­gia’s 48th Bri­gade Com­bat Team. The 48th BCT is a part of the Geor­gia Army Na­tional Guard. True ci­ti­zen sol­diers.

They were com­manded by brig. Gen. Ste­wart Rode­heaver, a cer­ti­fied Great Amer­i­can. On the wall in my home is a pho­to­graph of a crater about the size of a kitchen ta­ble, cour­tesy of an IED (Im­pro­vised Ex­plo­sive De­vice) that went off right un­der the wheel of the Humvee in which I was seated.

A few sec­onds one way or the other and we might not be hav­ing this con­ver­sa­tion. It was a unique ex­pe­ri­ence for me, to say the least. For th­ese folks it was a daily risk. Want to talk about he­roes?

Mine are the men and women of Geor­gia’s 48th Bri­gade Com­bat Team. The NFL in­grates couldn’t carry their duf­fel bags.

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