Lo­cal stu­dent wins MLK es­say con­test

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Dear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

As we have just en­tered the year of 2019, all the tri­als and tribu­la­tions that you and other civil war lead­ers fought against for us to be free are some­times trans­par­ent.

There are days when cit­i­zens of the African Amer­i­can Com­mu­nity are still fight­ing for their lives to un­der­stand why the color of their skin doesn’t make them as equal as any other race.

As a sev­en­teen year old, watch­ing the news or read­ing ar­ti­cles in the things that we so sadly deal with on a day to day ba­sis, makes me re­al­ize that your dream of equal­ity and jus­tice has not only been pushed to the side, but also un­ful­filled. Though we live in a new time, we as a com­mu­nity still face the same in­jus­tices from The Civil Rights Move­ment to Se­gre­ga­tion and more.

Dr. King, you had a dream that your “four lit­tle chil­dren will one day live in a na­tion where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the con­tent of their char­ac­ter.” And still to­day, moth­ers and fa­thers have to overly pro­tect their chil­dren from the so­cial in­jus­tices of this cruel world we live in.

Every­day a young and even old African Amer­i­can is los­ing their life to gun vi­o­lence and un­law­ful deal­ings with the po­lice and forces of govern­ment. We fight a bat­tle that seems on­go­ing. One that we can­not win. Times have not come to a change. We de­serve more. We de­serve to be treated equally and live in civil man­ner. Times have not come to a change.

For all the fallen in years past, Trayvon Martin, San­dra Bland, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown and so many more, Black Lives do Mat­ter. We mat­ter. Though we have all fallen short as a na­tion to ful­fill such a bless­ing as a dream we can do bet­ter and we need to do bet­ter. As a na­tion we have to come to­gether and un­der­stand each oth­ers pain. Go through the strug­gles and tribu­la­tions to­gether. Dr. King, you de­serve to have your dream com­pletely and ut­terly ful­filled. All the things you did to get us to a place of peace, has some­how fallen short.

We as a com­mu­nity have to come to­gether to fight and live as one na­tion. No sep­a­ra­tion will ever re­sult in full power. In the year of 2019, we all have to come to­gether as one to ful­fill the vi­sion of what the world should be. In 2019, Black Lives will Mat­ter. In 2019, we will over­come all ob­sta­cles and do what is right for our na­tion and the peo­ple of the black race. Your dream will be ful­filled.


Amyia Crow­der

11th grade stu­dent at Cedar­town High School

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