A thanks to lo­cal pub­lic safety for help with deer

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Dear Ed­i­tor:

Just wanted to write a thank you and let ev­ery­one know what a won­der­ful job the city and county an­i­mal con­trol, po­lice depart­ment, pub­lic works, and county game war­den’s of­fices did re­cently when a deer wan­dered into my gar­den. I was in the gar­den and saw him/her (?) out of the cor­ner of my eye no more than 20 feet away, and I ex­pected him to run off, but he didn’t.

I re­al­ized he or she didn’t look well, and I watched as he just kind of wan­dered around, laid down in the shade for a minute and then got up and came over and col­lapsed in the sun right by the drive­way.

This all tran­spired in no more than 20 min­utes and I was calling any­body I could think of to come see what was wrong. The po­lice depart­ment got in touch with our county Game War­den Daniel Gray.

Daniel called me right away and said he was in Car­roll County but he would get in touch with an­i­mal con­trol, who really didn’t deal with deer, but he thought he could get them to come over and check on the deer.

In a few min­utes, Jeff Craw­ford, direc­tor of An­i­mal Con­trol, was here. He went out and looked at the deer and said yes he was dead. Jeff called Daniel be­cause Daniel had said to let him know if the deer was still alive and he would get here as soon as he could so the an­i­mal wouldn’t suffer.

Jeff told me that he could pull the deer out to the edge of the road where the city could pick him up (the city can’t pick up on pri­vate prop­erty.)

So Jeff went be­yond the call of duty and pulled the deer out to the edge of the street for me. I called the pub­lic works at the city and spoke with Lisa Barker, who had some­one on the way im­me­di­ately.

The deer is now gone. I don’t know what was wrong with it.. It may have got­ten hit crossing Cave Springs Road, but I didn’t see any wounds.

Any­way, thank you very much to all the good peo­ple work­ing for the city and county who re­acted so quickly and con­sid­er­ately to the prac­ti­cal­i­ties of the prob­lem, but who also showed such care and con­cern for the poor an­i­mal.


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