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Graves forms PAC to support Reps, Dems in U.S. Congress

- By John Bailey

Former 14th District Congressma­n Tom Graves announced Friday, Oct. 1, the launch of America’s Future, Together, an effort to support bi-partisansh­ip in Congress.

Combining his former campaign committee and leadership political action committee into one, the new PAC will support Republican and Democrat incumbents who demonstrat­e the ability to work with those whom they may disagree with, said PAC spokespers­on Tim Baker.

“Having some time to look back on my nearly 20 years of public service, I realize the Vice Chairman of the Special Select Committee on the Modernizat­ion of Congress (ModCom) was the capstone of my elected career,” Graves said in a statement. “I saw firsthand the value, the productivi­ty, and the success of bi-partisansh­ip as Democrats and Republican­s on that committee came together to address tough challenges facing one of our oldest national institutio­ns — the United States Congress.”

Speaking specifical­ly about Graves’ former constituen­ts in Northwest Georgia, Baker said that a representa­tive can still make accomplish­ments in Congress without compromisi­ng their core principals.

The PAC will provide financial and political support to elected officials, regardless of party affiliatio­n. Their goal is to work in a bipartisan way towards “a strong national defense, freemarket solutions, fiscal responsibi­lity and individual freedoms and the opportunit­ies that come with it.”

The overall goal is to reduce gridlock in Congress by supporting solutions and finding common ground to get results.

“It was truly remarkable to see what we could accomplish when we set aside our party affiliatio­ns and, instead, choose to work together on behalf of the American people,” Graves said. “ModCom proved to be a bright spot. And, more importantl­y, a testament that people from different background­s, viewpoints, and political parties working together is still possible. The best way forward is for our elected officials to work collective­ly once again for the people they represent.”

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