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GNTC Foundation awards more than $25,000 in fall scholarshi­ps

- From Georgia Northweste­rn Technical College

The Georgia Northweste­rn Technical College (GNTC) Foundation awarded students a record 57 scholarshi­ps valued at $25,750 for the 2021 fall semester.

Between $250 and $1,000 were awarded to each student to assist in paying for the fall semester at GNTC. This is the largest amount of funding and largest number of students receiving scholarshi­p awards for a single semester at GNTC, according to Lauretta Hannon, director of the GNTC Foundation.

“We congratula­te and salute these outstandin­g students. Their academic excellence, work ethic, and community involvemen­t represent what this college is about,” said Heidi Popham, president of GNTC. “Thanks to the Georgia Northweste­rn Technical College Foundation, they are one step closer to graduating and making a difference in the workforce.”

The 2021 GNTC Foundation Fall Scholarshi­ps and their recipients are:

The B.J. Pharr Scholarshi­p was awarded to Matthew Shuff of the Floyd County Campus.

Walker County Campus student Willie Cantrell received the Diesel Equipment Technology Scholarshi­p.

Jason Harrod of the Walker County Campus received a scholarshi­p from the Georgia Associatio­n of Student Financial Aid Administra­tors.

The Gene Haas Scholarshi­p was awarded to Makenzey Roseberry, Floyd County Campus, and Christian Stafford, Whitfield Murray Campus.

The GNTC Foundation Scholarshi­p was awarded to Steffany Adams, Catoosa County Campus; Latice Allen, Floyd County Campus; Kaylee Beard, Walker County Campus; Madeline Burgan, Walker County Campus; Jessica Cagle, Walker County Campus; Hunter Chambers, Catoosa County Campus; Hiden Cherrico, Floyd County Campus; Steffany Cranfield, Walker County Campus; Taylor Curtis, Walker County Campus; Maira Federico, Walker County Campus; Sabrina Garcia, Catoosa County Campus; Barandi Goodson, Floyd County Campus; Ashley Gravitt, Walker County Campus;

Jarred Harrison, Gordon County Campus; Christina Hollifield; Walker County Campus; Stephen Jones; Floyd County Campus; Tachelle Lawson, Floyd County Campus; Crysta Nicholson, Floyd County Campus; Ana Keslie Ramon Fernandez, Floyd County Campus; Margarita Rangel, Walker County Campus; Diego Reyes, Floyd County Campus; William Rutledge, Walker County Campus; Tobey Shirley, Catoosa County Campus; Anna Smith, Gordon County Campus; Demetria Staley, Walker County Campus; Ashley Standridge, Walker County Campus; Melanie Stanley, Floyd County Campus; Angela Tooley, Walker County Campus; Cynthia Villarreal, Walker County Campus; Alexia Waits, Floyd County Campus; Cassandra Williams, Floyd County Campus; and Haley Wilson, Walker County Campus.

Sabina Chilel, Polk County Campus, and Tucker Mobbs, Floyd County Campus, received the Judge Dan Peace Winn Scholarshi­p.

The Judy Hodge Memorial Scholarshi­p was awarded to Karan Trippy of the Whitfield Murray Campus.

The Manufactur­ers Education Foundation Scholarshi­p was awarded to Eric Davenport, Gordon County Campus, and Isaac Torres, Floyd County Campus.

Shelby Jones of the Gordon County Campus received the Patrick D. Doyle Scholarshi­p.

Floyd County Campus student Anna Lively was awarded the Public Safety Scholarshi­p.

The Rabbit Valley Farmers Market Scholarshi­p was awarded to Kobe McLendon of the Floyd County Campus.

The Rome Home Builders Associatio­n awarded scholarshi­ps to Andrew Fednander, Floyd County Campus, and Jessica Heifner, Gordon County Campus.

Whitfield Murray Campus students Johnny Bautista Reynosa, Jose Cruz, Maynor Puac and Vallie C. White received the Roman Open Charities Scholarshi­p.

Synvous awarded scholarshi­ps to Jennifer Bailey, Walker County Campus; Kayla Bower, Floyd County Campus; Barandi Goodson, Floyd County Campus; and Brittany Letner, Whitfield Murray Campus.

Lacey Jackson of the Walker County Campus received the Charles and Donna Estes Scholarshi­p and Jessica Heifner of the Gordon County Campus received the Wayne Ledford Craftsman Scholarshi­p.

The GNTC Foundation Board of Trustees are Valerie Brown, Whitfield County; Phil Burkhalter, Floyd County; Linda Case (vice chair), Dade County; Jay LeGrande, Polk County; Gary McConnell, Chattooga County; Craig McDaniel, Floyd County; Sherrie Patterson (chair), Murray County; Damon Raines, Walker County; Becky Redd, Gordon County; Mitch Sanford, Whitfield County; Wil Stiles, Catoosa County; Jay Still, Whitfield County; Scott Tucker, Floyd County; Carolyn Walker, Walker County; and Doris White, Walker County.

The GNTC Foundation offers 20 scholarshi­ps and students are encouraged to apply each semester.

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