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Holiday tipping


If you’re not sure who to tip, ask yourself: Can I afford to be without this person? By “afford to be without,” I mean, do you want to face the future without this person’s services?

If you cannot bear the thought, then a tip is in order as an expression of gratitude for the service provided throughout the year and the fact that you do depend heavily upon this person.


If she left me, I’d wish her well, face the future with a heavy sigh and somehow find another, but not be happy about it. $50 tip.


We have a landscape maintenanc­e company that services our property. They do fine, but I don’t know any of the workers by name. Believe me, if this company goes out of business, I have my pick of about 50 others that will do the same thing. No tip.


Raquel is punctual, immaculate, trustworth­y and reliable.

$150 tip. Gladly.


The U.S. Postal Service forbids carriers from accepting cash. However, they may accept a nominal item with a value under $20.


For a regular sitter on whom you depend and who consistent­ly gives excellent care, Martha Stewart suggests a tip equal to two nights’ pay and a small gift from the children.


If you actually know the person who collects your trash, I am told that a tip of $15 to $20 is customary. Or a six-pack.

Never underestim­ate the value of a handwritte­n note on pretty holiday stationery. Any expression of gratitude that comes from your heart is never wrong.

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