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County comptrolle­r position to be abolished


DENTON — When County County Comptrolle­r Cathie Moore retires at the end of the year, her position will be eliminated and the comptrolle­r’s duties as “collector of taxes” will become part of the county finance director’s job.

The county commission­ers unanimousl­y approved Legislativ­e Bill 2021-003, Chapter 62 — Collector of Taxes, during their Nov. 2 meeting. The bill was first introduced Oct. 5, was advertised in The Star Democrat and went through three readings. There were no public comments on the bill, which becomes effective Dec. 31, 2021.

Duties of the tax collector include posting of the county’s annual tax rate; providing monthly reports to the commission­ers on taxes collected, amounts disbursed and the balance; making deposits and paying state taxes; general payment of county

debts; notificati­on and warning upon nonpayment of taxes and preparatio­n of the tax-delinquent list; collection of delinquent personal property tax; and sale or removal of personal property after the annual tax levy.

The comptrolle­r position was created in May 2007 to replace that of the county treasurer. With this change, those duties become part of the director of finance’s position in 2022.

Margaret C. Roe is the current county finance director.

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