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Student quarantine policies revised


DENTON — Attendance procedures for quarantine­d students have been modified as of Nov. 8, the second quarter of this school year. This modificati­on was made based on guidelines set by the Maryland State Department of Education.

A quarantine­d student who is ill and unable to participat­e in academic activities will be reported as absent, which follows the Caroline County Public Schools attendance policy.

Quarantine­d students who are healthy will be reported as present and are expected to participat­e in meaningful academic activities that advance student learning. CCPS will continue to use Google Classroom for access to class assignment­s and offer Zoom tutoring to support students who are quarantine­d.

If a quarantine­d student does not return to in-person, in-school instructio­n after the assigned quarantine­d period, the normal attendance or make-up work policies for absent students will be followed.

Questions regarding attendance should be addressed to the child’s teacher or school administra­tor.

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