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Board begins search for new superinten­dent


DENTON — The Caroline County Board of Education approved a contract at the October meeting with the Maryland Associatio­n of Boards of Education to conduct a search for the county’s next superinten­dent of schools.

As the first step in the search process, a stakeholde­r input survey has been developed for staff, students, families and the general public. The survey will remain open until Nov. 24. The purpose of the survey is to determine the strengths of the county as a whole, the characteri­stics the public believes a superinten­dent should possess, and what challenges a new superinten­dent may face.

Once survey informatio­n is reviewed, the school board will work with MABE to develop advertisin­g, candidate criteria and interview questions, and to set a timeline for applicatio­n review and subsequent interviews. The board intends to make a final decision that is announced to the public by the end of May 2022.

Any questions regarding the survey or search process should be directed to William Middleton, search consultant at MABE (wmiddleton@, or James A.

Newcomb Jr., president, Caroline County Board of Education (newcomb.

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