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Instead of complainin­g — let’s be thankful

- BY PASTOR GREGORY MCLAURIN Metropolit­an-Zion UMC Ministries Denton/Federalsbu­rg

In the wilderness, the children of Israel were provided mana (bread) from heaven by God. Yet, they murmured, they complained that they did not have meat. God then provided quail, and they had meat to eat. Yet still, they murmured because they didn’t have water. God then provide water for them through rocks. Yet still, they murmured and wished they were still in bondage because in bondage they had more to eat and drink than in the wilderness.

Family, why is it that we question God at testing time, but never question him during blessing time? Why is there a pandemic God? Why is there social unrest? Why do I have to get sick? Why did I get laid off my job? Why did I lose a loved one? Yet most of us never ask the Lord why did you wake me up this morning? Why did you put food on my table? Why did you put clothes on my back? Why did you give me activity of my limbs and a portion of a right mind?

Why do you keep blessing me over and over and over and over again?

Family, God has delivered us from such sinful thinking through the death, burial, and resurrecti­on of His Son, Jesus the Christ. So, instead of murmuring and complainin­g, God’s word says let’s be grateful and, in all things let us give thanks and rejoice for evermore (1st Thessaloni­ans 5:16-18).

We should rejoice in what God has done for us, what God is doing now for us, and what God is yet to do for us. The word says pray without ceasing. That means never stop praying, never forget to pray, never forget to give thanks. In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

So, brothers and sisters in Christ, as we are afforded yet another season of thanks, let us ponder these things instead of murmuring and complainin­g with what is before us. Let us give thanks and be grateful for what God has provided for us.

May God continue to bless His children and from this pastor’s pondering pen, Happy Thanksgivi­ng!

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