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State House dome, grounds slated for repairs


The historic dome atop the Maryland State House, and surroundin­g grounds and structures, is scheduled to get a revamp with a new $619,620 state contract.

On Nov. 3, the Board of Public Works agreed to dedicate money to “[Restoring] the exterior of the Maryland State House and grounds within State Circle, including stabilizat­ion and potential restoratio­n of the Old Treasury Building,” according to the panel’s agenda.

The project will include two phases, according to Nick Cavey, the director of communicat­ions for the Department of General Services.

The first part of the project will focus on structural repairs to the dome related to water infiltrati­on, painting and window work, Cavey wrote in an email to Capital News Service. He said renovation­s will also ensure the dome has continuous protection from lightning and fire.

The second part of the project will center mainly around the State House and surroundin­g areas, according to Cavey.

“Phase two will consist of restoratio­ns to the State House and grounds, including masonry cleaning and restoratio­n, roof edge and window restoratio­n, restoratio­n of the historic south portico, renovation of the main north entrance, accessibil­ity improvemen­ts, stabilizat­ion of the existing rubble foundation, repairs to the perimeter retaining wall around State Circle and stabilizat­ion of the Old Treasury Building,” he wrote.

The term of the funding for this project runs from this November to February 2023. However, the

project is estimated to take until late 2024, according to Cavey.

MCWB Architects, based in Albany, N.Y., was selected to complete the repairs. The state chose this firm for the project because they specialize in historical upkeep, according to the Nov. 3 Board of Public Works agenda.

MCWB has previously helped with renovation and preservati­on efforts of

George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and James Madison’s Montpelier, according to the agenda.

Comments made on the agenda by the Department of General Services said that, “The firm also has specific and relevant experience working on four historic state capitols located in New York, Tennessee, Vermont, and Maryland. Within the Maryland State House, MCWB Architects successful­ly completed the restoratio­n of the Old Senate Chamber and work on the restoratio­n of the James Brice House,” a nearby historical home.

 ?? CAPITAL NEWS SERVICE PHOTO BY ALEXANDRA RADOVIC ?? The Maryland State House, pictured on Nov. 19, is slated for repairs.
CAPITAL NEWS SERVICE PHOTO BY ALEXANDRA RADOVIC The Maryland State House, pictured on Nov. 19, is slated for repairs.

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