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Molly Parker of “Lost in Space” on Netflix Duff Goldman of “Buddy vs. Duff: Holiday” on Food Network and discovery+


“We just watched ‘Squid Games,’ which was incredibly entertaini­ng and terrifying. ‘Great British Bake Off’ I think

I really love.” “We’re just about done with ‘King of the Hill.’ I love that show. It’s hilarious. ‘Ted Lasso,’ fantastic. Oh, ‘Black Monday.’ It’s really good. That is an incredible show . ... The writing is incredible, the acting’s incredible. Everybody in there is insanely talented. It’s ridiculous. It’s funny. It’s really, really,

really good TV.”

Harry Connick Jr. of “Annie Live!” on NBC

“‘Breaking Bad’ is probably my favorite show. I just think it’s an incredible piece of television.”

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